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Want to DO Something? Get Involved Now!

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Join us in gearing up to fight even harder for women’s health and rights — right now, and for the next two years. Here are seven ways you can take action today. Hold Congress Accountable Help us hold members of the “lame duck” Congress accountable for heeding the message sent by women voters in th…Continue Reading

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Join Planned Parenthood Action in Tweeting at Congress

Category: Congress

Congress only has a few more weeks to take action on critical pieces of legislation before the New Year, so join us Nov. 19 for “WEtweet Wednesday”! We’re tweeting at members of Congress to support important women’s health legislation before this session ends. Here’s how you can get involved — it’s …Continue Reading

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TIME Magazine Poll Wants to Ban the Word ‘Feminist’ — Really, TIME?!

Category: Global

On Nov. 15 TIME Magazine apologized for including the word "feminist" in its word banishment poll and published an opinion with further explanation. When we saw the word “feminist” listed in a TIME magazine poll among words that are ostensibly so overused that they deserve to be put on the chopping…Continue Reading

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Hey, Birth Control: Thanks a Bunch

Category: Birth Control

Can you imagine life without birth control?  It’s a scary thought, especially since study after study has linked women’s ability to plan when (and if) they have children with their ability to finish their education and pursue their dreams. Being able to space and plan pregnancies has had such a pro…Continue Reading


Supreme Court Reopens Abortion Providers in Texas — For Now

Category: Abortion, State Fights

The U.S. Supreme Court just put a hold on provisions of a Texas law that threatens to eviscerate access to safe, legal abortion in the state for tens of thousands of women. The Oct. 14 order temporarily allows health centers that were forced to close earlier this month to resume providing abortions.…Continue Reading

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New Map: 80% of Abortion Providers in Texas Close Overnight

Category: Abortion

New Map: 80% of Abortion Providers in Texas Close Overnight

A few months ago, we showed you a map of the impact of dangerous laws in the south on access to safe and legal abortion. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit just ruled that provisions of H.B. 2 can go into effect immediately. As a result, more than a dozen abortion providers in Texas ha…Continue Reading

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