Take the Quiz: Wacky $#!@ Gynoticians Say

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Think you know how far women's health opponents are willing to go to push their ideology? test your knowledge with our quick quiz.Continue Reading

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4 Things That Made Us Happy in May: Obama and the Courts Lay Down the Law on Birth Control

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This month, women’s health has taken a lot of hits, but it’s not all dark and gloomy! There have been some amazing moments in the world of women’s health this month. Continue Reading

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Gynotician Alert of the Week, May 29, 2015

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This week: Scott Walker absolutely loves forced ultrasounds, West Virginia’s 20-week abortion ban law takes effect, and Texas wants to make it harder for abused teens to get an abortion (because they might be lying). Continue Reading

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Planned Parenthood Patients in Texas Banned from Breast and Cervical Cancer Services Program


Texas politicians are cutting cancer screenings for thousands of poor women. All because they have some crazed vendetta against Planned Parenthood. Continue Reading

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Gynotician Alert of the Week: May 22, 2015

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This week: Tennessee gynoticians force women to wait 48 hours for a safe, legal abortion; Maine gynoticians are pushing medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion providers; Missouri is fining insurers for covering abortion (srsly!); the Texas GOP is making it even more impossible for minors to obtain safe and legal abortion; and Sen. Lee Bright continues his quest to make sure rape and incest survivors are denied their basic rights in South Carolina. Continue Reading

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Politician Sabotages Anti-Abortion Bill After Exceptions for Rape and Incest Get Added

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Lee Bright really wants to ban abortion after 20 weeks, but once a 20-week bill was amended to include exceptions for rape and incest, Bright threw a fit and tried to block a vote on it. Continue Reading

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