The Human Trafficking Bill and Its Abortion Restrictions, From a Republican’s Perspective

Category: Abortion

The abortion restrictions in the trafficking bill make it clearer than ever that it's time for the Republican Party leaders to return to our core values of personal responsibility and individual liberty — and leave personal medical decisions to a woman, her family and her faith. Continue Reading

Tags: GOP, Republicans for Planned Parenthood, Hyde Amendment, Human Trafficking, Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, Henry Hyde

Gynotician Alert Of The Week: April 24, 2015

Category: Gynotician

This week, Louisiana gynoticians continue attempts to block a women's health center; DC gynoticians are cool with discrimination against employees’ reproductive choices, and a Tennessee gynotician doesn't think rape and incest are”verifiable.” Continue Reading

Tags: Montana, Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, DC, Tennessee , Sheila Butt

Pastor (hearts) Planned Parenthood

Category: Abortion, Planned Parenthood

On Easter Sunday I preached to my congregation, as you would expect a Christian pastor to be doing, about resurrection... I love the people that are Planned Parenthood. I love their ministry. I love that they live resurrection in a way I only talk about it. Continue Reading

Tags: Clergy

Anti-Women’s Health Politicians in Congress Are Trying to Attack DC Home Rule and Women’s Reproductive Rights

Category: Congress, Gynotician

Sounds like common sense, right? Your boss shouldn’t be able to fire you for using birth control. Continue Reading

Tags: LGBT, Indiana, Ted Cruz, Arkansas, Reproductive Health Non-discrimination Amendment Act, Sexism, Diane Black, Vicky Hartzler, James Lankford, DC Home Rule, Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Listen Up, Gynoticians: Americans Agree on Abortion, and You Should Stay Out of It!

Category: Abortion, Gynotician

Most Americans support a woman's right to access abortion safely and without hardship, a new Vox poll finds. What else Americans agree on may surprise you. Continue Reading

Tags: Abortion, Gynotician, TRAP, Poll

Cornyn’s Compromise in the Human Trafficking Bill is More Like a CON-promise on Abortion Access

Category: Abortion

Anti-abortion politicians made superficial changes to the abortion restrictions they inserted into a human trafficking bill — and they're calling it a "compromise." We beg to differ. Continue Reading

Tags: Texas, Planned Parenthood, Abortion restrictions, Hyde Amendment, Human Trafficking, Clean Bill, Patty Murray, Loretta Lynch, John Cornyn



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