Why I Had An Abortion At 20 Weeks

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I have experienced an abortion at 20 weeks, and it was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made but ultimately the right one for my family. Continue Reading

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Gloria Steinem Just Turned 81 — And Her Words Still Shake Things Up

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Chances are you know feminist icon Gloria Steinem. What you might not know are Steinem’s more recent, poignant statements about unity across gender lines Continue Reading

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Gynotician Hall of Shame: Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz just announced that he’s running for president. But he’s a bonafide gynotician who has no business making laws dictating women’s access to health care. Continue Reading

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Happy 5th Anniversary, Obamacare!

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5 years ago, Congress enacted the single biggest advance for women’s health in generations: the Affordable Care Act. In those five years, the ACA has brought affordable health care to about 25.5 million Americans. But it didn't happen by magic. Continue Reading

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A Year in Planned Parenthood Generation Action: When Young Leaders Are Demanding Access to Reproductive Health and Making Their Voices Heard

Category: Youth

Early last year, Planned Parenthood embarked on a grand new journey, seeking to create a network of the brightest, bravest, and boldest young activists across the country. The result: Planned Parenthood Generation Action, a movement that empowers young leaders to defend and advance reproductive freedom across 250 college campuses and beyond. Continue Reading

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Pregnant and uninsured? For women who become pregnant outside of Obamacare's open enrollment window, that's the harsh reality.

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No pregnant woman should have to worry about enrollment dates and blackout periods to get the care she needs. Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can fix this with a stroke of her pen — so let's push her to do the right thing. Continue Reading

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