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OUR SPACE, OUR PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Reflections on Proudly Owning Our Reproductive Health as Black Women

Category: African Americans for Planned Parenthood

Angela Ferrell-Zabala is the Director of African American Leadership and Engagement for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund The things that I remember most about growing up in my family are the rich stories that were shared. The words would dance from the mou…Continue Reading

Tags: African Americans for Planned Parenthood

Keep Ken Out to Protect Women's Health

Category: Elections

The polls in Virginia are now open and will remain open until 7 p.m. tonight. Before many go out and cast their ballots, we wanted to give you a brief refresher of why we we must Keep Ken Out. Terry McAuliffe believes women’s health care decisions are personal, private, and best left up to a woman,…Continue Reading

Tags: Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia, Virginia Governor's Race, Keep Ken Out, Terry McAuliffe

Health Care Hooligan: Congresswoman Renee Ellmers

Category: Obamacare

From the day it was signed into law, House Republicans have done everything they could to derail the Affordable Care Act — 46 votes to repeal, delay or defund and counting. The rollout has definitely had its share of bumps, but rather than working to fix it, they’re assigning blame and launching mor…Continue Reading

Tags: Obamacare, Obamacare Works, Health Care Hooligans, Rep. Renee Elmers, Kathleen Sebelius

The Real Impact of Restrictions in Oklahoma

Category: Abortion, Republicans

The last few years have set records for the extent of bad legislation that has been passed to restrict women’s health and access to safe and legal abortion.  The state of Oklahoma has been on a race to the bottom when it comes to women’s health for some time now, with a very real and serious impact …Continue Reading

Tags: Republicans, Abortion, Abortion restrictions, Oklahoma, Republicans for Planned Parenthood

An Unpopular Initiative in Michigan

Category: Abortion

Right to Life of Michigan has submitted signatures for an initiative to ban insurance from covering abortion. If the initiative becomes law, coverage for abortion would only be available through an unworkable “rider” system. This initiative has no exemptions for survivors of rape or incest.  Propone…Continue Reading

Tags: Abortion, Michigan, Abortion restrictions, Insurance

Women’s Health Decisions Shouldn’t Be Political

Category: Republicans

A few weeks ago I saw the National Journal’s latest polling that shows women feel that the Republican Party is moving further away from them and had to weigh in. As the days went by I decided I wanted to discuss the results of this polling that shows only 14 percent of women think the GOP is now clo…Continue Reading

Tags: Republicans, Texas, Wendy Davis, women's health, Planned Parenthood, Greg Abbott