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A Genderqueer Movement Beneath Women’s History

Category: PP Generation Action

Gloria Steinem Just Turned 81 — And Her Words Still Shake Things Up

Category: Photos, Feminism

Gynotician Hall of Shame: Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

Category: Elections

Happy 5th Anniversary, Obamacare!

Category: Obamacare

Why I Had An Abortion At 20 Weeks

Category: Abortion, State Fights

A Year in Planned Parenthood Generation Action: When Young Leaders Are Demanding Access to Reproductive Health and Making Their Voices Heard

Category: Youth

Pregnant and uninsured? For women who become pregnant outside of Obamacare's open enrollment window, that's the harsh reality.

Category: Obamacare

Tell the Senate: Stop Using Human Trafficking Victims to Push Your Anti-Abortion Agenda

Category: Abortion

Ending the Global Gag Rule for Good

Category: Global

Bloody Sunday 50 Years On: The Fight for Justice Continues in Selma

Category: African Americans for Planned Parenthood, African Americans

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Global Progress with Champions Around the World

Category: Global

IPPF: Planned Parenthood Global Welcomes First Ever U.S. Special Envoy for LGBT Human Rights

Category: Global

Obamacare Supporters Rally at the Supreme Court at Opening of King v. Burwell Case

Category: Obamacare

Stand Up for Affordable Health Care! Share Your Story, Sign Our Petition, and Rally with Us Outside the Supreme Court on March 4.


Gynotician Hall of Shame: Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri Learns Key Tip on Female Anatomy


King v. Burwell: A Case That Could Roll Back Health Care Access for Millions of Americans

Category: Obamacare, State Fights, President Obama, Medicaid, Obamacare Works, Court Cases & Litigation

Announcing the 99 Dream Keepers' Gatekeepers

Category: African Americans for Planned Parenthood

An Evening Celebration with the #PPDreamKeepers

Category: African Americans for Planned Parenthood

THE PINK CARPET: Celebrating Stories That Need to Be Told During the 2015 Awards Season

Category: Planned Parenthood

Get Angry and Get Loud: Improving Access to Health Care for the Latino Community

Category: Latinos for Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood

How the Bill to Ensure Paid Sick Leave Would Help Women and Families

Category: Congress

Announcing the 99 Dream Keepers' Defenders

Category: African Americans for Planned Parenthood

Announcing the 99 Dream Keepers' Tastemakers

Category: African Americans for Planned Parenthood

Granite Victory for Women: A Bipartisan Majority Rejects Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire

Category: State Fights

Gynotician Hall of Shame: West Virginia’s Brian Kurcaba and Alexander Mooney