New Poll Shows Americans Strongly Oppose 20-Week Abortion Bans

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In Congress and across the country, opponents of women’s health have continued their crusade to try and chip away a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion. Most recently, they’ve been attempting to do this by pushing for a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. 

The reality is that nearly 99 percent of abortions occur before 21 weeks, but when they do happen, it’s often in heartbreaking and unusual circumstances. It’s no wonder that when voters understand the real-world circumstances, they overwhelmingly oppose laws that would ban the procedure at that stage.

In fact, a new poll shows that when Americans learn about the variety of circumstances in which abortion would be made illegal under most 20-week ban proposals (like the ones approved by the House of Representatives), they overwhelmingly opposed them. Understanding that abortions are very rare at this stage in pregnancy and that fetal abnormalities are often involved in the instances, a solid 60 percent of registered voters support access to abortion at 20 weeks, with only 33 percent opposing access.


It’s no wonder that a majority of voters — Republicans (62 percent), Democrats (78 percent), and Independents (71 percent) — believe this is the wrong issue for Congress and their state legislators to be spending time on. In fact, according to Geoff Garin, president of Hart Research Associates, “The margins in opposition to these bans are so significant that we think it is very likely that they would be voted down in a popular referendum in virtually any state of the country, after people have had a chance to learn about the real-world consequences of them.”

And yet, in spite of public opinion, politicians continue to push these extreme measures, without considering the women that have to live with the consequences. In states that have passed laws that ban abortion after 20 weeks, some women and their families have been put into unimaginable situations — needing to end a pregnancy for serious medical reasons, but unable to because of extreme laws that don’t reflect the real-world situations women, their families, and their doctors face. Women and their doctors need to have every medical option available to them; they don’t need politicians interfering with their personal and private medical decisions. 



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