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Vote for the Best and Worst Moments of 2014!

Category: Planned Parenthood, Culture

16 Days of Activism: Helms Hurts, But Our Generation Can Help

Category: Global

Sign Our Thank You Card for Planned Parenthood Health Center Staff

Category: Cecile Richards

Want to DO Something? Get Involved Now!

Category: Global

Join Planned Parenthood Action in Tweeting at Congress

Category: Congress

TIME Magazine Poll Wants to Ban the Word ‘Feminist’ — Really, TIME?!

Category: Global

Hey, Birth Control: Thanks a Bunch

Category: Birth Control

Supreme Court Reopens Abortion Providers in Texas — For Now

Category: Abortion, State Fights

New Map: 80% of Abortion Providers in Texas Close Overnight

Category: Abortion

Guest Post: The Hyde Amendment 38 Years Ago Today—An Anniversary I’d Like to Forget 2

Category: Abortion

OUR SPACE, OUR PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Reflections on Proudly Owning Our Reproductive Health as Black Women

Category: African Americans

ShowOUT to Vote: Why I’m Helping My Fellow Classmates Register to Vote

Category: State Fights, Elections

Four Fun Facts: Why Recent Over-the-Counter Birth Control Proposals are Really Underhanded

Category: Birth Control

Court Protects Alabama Women from Dangerous Abortion Restrictions, But Similar Laws Loom in Other States

Category: Abortion, State Fights, TRAP

Happy 2-Year Anniversary, Birth Control Benefit! Too Bad Politicians Keep Trying to Break Us Up.

Category: Birth Control, Obamacare

5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Birth Control Coverage

Category: Birth Control

How to Talk to Your Boss about Birth Control Coverage — For Real

Category: Birth Control

Timeline: 100 Years of Birth Control

Category: Birth Control, Obamacare

‘Hey Boss, Get out of my Bedroom,’ Says New Bill in Senate

Category: Birth Control, Obamacare, Legislation

Myths v. Facts on the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling

Category: Birth Control

The 82 Employers Who Want to Deny Birth Control Coverage

Category: Birth Control, Obamacare

Setting the Record Straight: Planned Parenthood Expanding Access to Care

Category: Abortion

Missouri Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Have Tripled Waiting Period for an Abortion

Category: Abortion

Supreme Court: Bosses Can Deny Birth Control Coverage to Employees

Category: Birth Control, Abortion, Obamacare, Legislation

CONTEST: Like Obvious Child? Send a Selfie or Tweet to Win Swag!

Category: Abortion, Video