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Question for Jeb Bush: What do you define as women's health services?

Category: Elections

Anti-Abortion Group Admits to Falsifying Latest Video

Category: Abortion

FACT CHECK: Gynotician Rick Santorum Confused About How Birth Control Works

Category: Gynotician

El ataque en el video sobre Planned Parenthood también es un ataque a mujeres como Yo

Category: Abortion, Latinos

A Decade-Long Campaign of Illegal Harassment Against Planned Parenthood

Category: Abortion, Video, Planned Parenthood

Cecile Richards Responds to Latest Video Smear Attack

Category: Abortion, Cecile Richards, Video, Planned Parenthood

The Video Attack on Planned Parenthood is Also an Attack on Women Like Me

Category: Abortion, Video, Planned Parenthood

Media Weighs In: Accusations Against Planned Parenthood Have No Evidence

Category: Abortion, Video, Planned Parenthood

5 Facts about the Latest Video Smear Attack on Planned Parenthood

Category: Abortion, Video, Planned Parenthood

It's Time to End Political Restrictions on Abortion Coverage

Category: Abortion, Congress

New Report Shows Women's Shrinking Options in Accessing Safe, Legal Abortion

Category: Abortion, State Fights

Texas Governor Signs Measure Blocking Low-Income Women’s Access to Cancer Screenings

Category: State Fights

North Carolina’s Coercive Ultrasound Law Permanently Blocked as Supreme Court Refuses Review

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The global gag rule is back – and could leave millions of vulnerable women at risk

Category: Congress, Global

Fifth Circuit Court Upholds Devastating Abortion Restrictions in Texas

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Court Cases & Litigation

Arizona Gynoticians are Forcing Real Doctors to Lie

Category: Abortion, Gynotician

Politician Sabotages Anti-Abortion Bill After Exceptions for Rape and Incest Get Added

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Gynotician

6 Personal Stories that Reveal How a 20-Week Abortion Ban Would Hurt Women

Category: Abortion, Gynotician

Everything You Need to Know About the 20 Week Abortion Ban The House Is Voting On This Week

Category: Abortion, Congress, Gynotician

Take Action: Congress to Vote on 20 Week Abortion Ban

Category: Abortion, Congress, Gynotician

Cecile Richards: We Need A Real Dialogue About Abortion (via TIME)

Category: Abortion, Cecile Richards

Listen Up, Gynoticians: Americans Agree on Abortion, and You Should Stay Out of It!

Category: Abortion, Gynotician

Fighting for Maternal Health and Rights Means Acting on the Helms Amendment

Category: Abortion, Global

Gynotician Alert of the Week: April 10, 2015

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Gynotician

Vox: What Americans Think of Abortion

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