The Fight for 2016 Starts Today!

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This year is our biggest chance yet to elect champions of reproductive health. We need leaders in Congress and state legislatures who have fought alongside Planned Parenthood. Continue Reading

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Supreme Court to Review Texas Abortion Restrictions in First Abortion Case in Nearly a Decade

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Court Cases & Litigation

Access to safe, legal abortion is now before the Supreme Court: On Nov. 13 the Court agreed to rule on HB2 — the Texas abortion law that could shut down all but 10 abortion providers in the state. Continue Reading

Tags: Abortion, Texas, HB 2, Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court

Election 2016: We Need Your Input

Category: Elections

There's no question that reproductive health and rights are going to be BIG on the ballot next year, from statehouses to the White House. That's why as we gear up for our biggest election campaign in years — we want to know what's most important to you and your community. Continue Reading

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Hobby Lobby Déjà Vu: Bosses Trying to Block Birth Control Coverage in New Supreme Court Cases

Category: Birth Control

Once again, bosses are trying to block women’s access to birth control coverage. Next stop: the Supreme Court. Continue Reading

Tags: Obamacare, Birth Control Lawsuits, Affordable Care Act, Supreme Court, ACA, Hobby Lobby

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Right Now About Attacks on Reproductive Health in Texas

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Planned Parenthood

The Most Recent Attacks Are Part of a Systematic, Long-Term Agenda to Ban Safe and Legal Abortion Continue Reading

Tags: Abortion, State Attacks, Texas, Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, Greg Abbott

The GOP’s $502.4 Billion Dollar Price Tag for Women

Category: Elections, Republicans

Republican presidential candidates’ positions cost women a lot: Opposing equal pay ($500 billion in costs), no-copay birth control ($1.4 billion in costs), and gender discrimination protections in health care ($1 billion in costs) adds up to costing women $502.4 billion per year. Continue Reading

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Texas Timeline: 5 Big Blows to Reproductive Health in the Past 5 Years

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Planned Parenthood

If you want to see the result of Republican leadership's devastating attacks on women's health, look no farther away than Texas. This timeline reveals how low the Texas legislature has sunk in just the past five years, and how hard we need to fight to win back reproductive health care access for Texans. Continue Reading

Tags: Abortion, State Attacks, Texas, HB 2, Rick Perry, Planned Parenthood, Greg Abbott, Timeline

Chartz by Chaffetz: How Not to do Data

Category: Congress, Planned Parenthood

Now, we at Planned Parenthood Action have come up with some charts chartz by Chaffetz of our own to show just how absurd his was — and how outrageous the whole fraudulent campaign against Planned Parenthood really is Continue Reading

Tags: Congress, Planned Parenthood, Defunding Planned Parenthood, Jason Chaffetz

Road-Tripping for Truth — Because Carly Fiorina Is #NotMyCandidate

Category: Elections, Planned Parenthood

This weekend, while Fiorina was campaigning in Iowa, supporters — including patients — were on hand to correct the record and tell the truth about the essential health care services Planned Parenthood provides. Continue Reading

Tags: Attacks, Carly Fiorina, Election 2016

Republicans for Planned Parenthood Applauds Senator Mark Kirk

Category: Abortion, Congress, Republicans for Planned Parenthood

As a Republican, I am proud of Senator Mark Kirk for standing up and voting for what is best for the women of Illinois. Senator Mark Kirk stood up to the agenda of those politicians opposed to women’s health and voted against the latest attacks to defund Planned Parenthood and ban abortion at 20 weeks. Continue Reading

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Quick Sex Ed Lesson For Tonight's GOP Debate Candidates

Category: Elections

GOP candidates vying to win an extraordinarily crowded primary race, some have swung so far to the right, they’ve ventured into the flat-out medically impossible. It looks like the Republican presidential field is in need of a sex education lesson of their own. Continue Reading

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