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The last few weeks in health care have been a whirlwind. Take these four actions to fight back this month.

Republican Congressional leaders failed to pass a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and block Medicaid patients' access to care at Planned Parenthood health centers nationwide.

Even after this stunning upset, they wasted no time in doubling down on attacks on health care by passing a bill to dismantle President Obama's rule protecting Title X. To be clear, this action does not “defund” Planned Parenthood. However, this move could embolden states to block access to family planning health care providers across the board, both Planned Parenthood health centers and independent clinics. In doing so, the GOP is working to restrict women’s access to birth control and other care in any way they can. It’s clear this fight is far from over.

So, what can you do right now that has the most impact? Take these four actions to fight back this month!


1. Donate to Protect Family Planning

Title X is the nation’s family planning program. When it was introduced by the Obama Administration last year, the new rule enjoyed widespread public support. But when anti-women’s health senators failed to secure a majority to demolish the Title X protection, Vice President Pence rushed over to push this outrageous bill through. It now heads to President Trump's desk, and his signature is sure to embolden states to try to block people’s access to care.

Title X funds  basic preventive health care for more than 4 million people with low incomes or without health insurance.

Making an emergency gift to Planned Parenthood Action Fund will give us the resources to protect women’s access to health care despite these attacks.

Donate to protect access to family planning


2. Tell Secretary Price to Protect Birth Control Coverage

Thanks to the ACA’s preventive health benefit, more than 55 million women currently have access to fully covered preventive care, including birth control, routine well-woman exams, cervical cancer screenings, STI (including HIV) testing, and mammograms for women 40 and up — all without copays or other out-of-pocket expenses. Given all the benefits of the this no-copay coverage, it is unbelievable that there’s still a fight going on about whether women should have access to birth control and other basic preventive care. But in one of his first acts as Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price could attack access to no-copay birth control coverage.

Send your message to Secretary Price and demand the new administration protect full insurance coverage of birth control with no copay.


3. Become a Planned Parenthood Defender

Defenders are a core group of supporters who have said they'll give their time to defend Planned Parenthood, the health services they provide, and the people who rely on them — in what just may be the fight of our lives.

Some weeks, we'll ask you to help flood a key member of Congress with calls. Sometimes it might be writing a letter, showing up for a rally, or inviting friends over for an emergency meetup. Whatever it is, it will be what's truly needed, right when it's needed most.

Do what you can, when you can. Five minutes, five hours, whatever you've got. We'll make it as easy as possible and give you detailed instructions.

Sign up today.  


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