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This week: A Florida gynotician’s support of crisis pregnancy centers comes back to bite him; Senate gynoticians continue to attack safe and legal abortion in a human trafficking bill; religious refusal laws in Georgia and elsewhere interfere in women’s health; and more.


Ohio Gynoticians

Ohio Bill Uses Faux Disability Rights Language to Erode Choice
April 14, 2015
By Nina-Liss Schultz via RH Reality Check

Though they use the language of disability rights, bills like the one in Ohio belie a conservative interest in restricting access to abortion under any circumstances, not in advocating for people who are disabled.

Georgia Gynoticians

The Scary Law That Allowed Pharmacists To Deny This Woman The Drugs She Needed After Her Miscarriage
April 14, 2015
By Molly Redden via Mother Jones

...a law, passed 15 years ago, guarantees pharmacists the right to refuse to provide contraceptives or abortifacients on religious or conscientious grounds. Georgia is one of six states with such a law on the books.

Florida Gynoticians

Jeb’s Abortion Nightmare: How He Funneled Tax Dollars To Quack Anti-Choicers & Gutted Real Health Care
April 14, 2015 
By Katie McDonough via Salon

Crisis pregnancy centers around the country have been exposed many times over for distributing medically inaccurate information, misleading women about the full range of their reproductive health options... Jeb Bush is proud to say that the state of Florida helped pay for these deceptions.

Arizona & Arkansas Gynoticians

New Laws Force Doctors To Lie To Patients About Abortion
April 15, 2015 
By Dr. John C. Jennings & Dr. Nancy L . Stanwood via MSNBC

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson each signed legislation forcing doctors to tell women seeking medication-induced abortions that the process can be reversed once it has begun.

As doctors, we do not recommend a treatment until it’s been proven safe and effective.

Gynotician Roundup (Within a Gynotician Roundup)

All The 2015 Anti-Abortion Legislation That's Been Passed So Far
April 17, 2015 
By Lauren Holter, via Bustle 

It’s only April, but 2015 has already seen a staggeringly high of number of anti-abortion laws and restrictions. Both federal and state legislatures have taken major steps backwards for women’s reproductive rights so far in 2015, making it increasingly harder for women to seek safe and legal abortion care.

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