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#JunkScience takes hold in Arizona, Texas gynoticians think cancer screenings aren’t a big deal for women, Arkansas likes to discriminate, and Indiana gets an HIV outbreak after shutting down Planned Parenthood.  Here’s a roundup of the week’s news. 



'Abortion Reversal' Law Signed in Arizona

Arizona-Junk-Science.pngMarch 31, 2015, By Jamie Ross, via Courthouse News Service

Arizona gynotician and Governor Doug Ducey signed a law requiring medical professionals to tell patients they can reverse drug-induced abortions (an untested process that is not FDA-approved); the law also bars federal exchange health insurance from including abortion coverage.

Texas Wants Planned Parenthood Funds For Cancer Screenings Limited, But Women Are Fighting Back

March 31, 2015, By Clarissa-Jan Lim, via Bustle

As state governments across the country have embarked on multiple efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, women are fighting back: In Texas, women’s health advocates are fighting gynoticians’ efforts to restrict women’s access to cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood health centers.

The War on Women’s Medical Rights

March 10, By Max Brantley, via Arkansas Times

Gynoticians in Arkansas passed six new abortion bills in just one month – adding to the numerous restrictions the state already has on the books.

Indiana Shut Down Its Rural Planned Parenthood Clinics And Got An HIV Outbreak

March 31, 2015, By Laura Bassett, via Huffington Post

Scott County, IN, is the center of an exploding HIV outbreak and has been without an HIV testing center since early 2013 — which is when the sole provider, a Planned Parenthood health center, was forced to close its doors by (you guessed it) some gynoticians. 

South Carolina Joins the Race to the Bottom

April 1, 2015, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic Action Fund, via Facebook

South Carolina gynoticians are tripping over each other to prove who can be more anti-women's health. So much so that they have introduced a grand total of four bills to ban abortion at 20 weeks.

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