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This week:  Oklahoma gynoticians tripled the waiting period for safe, legal abortion; Texas gynotician thinks insurers shouldn’t cover a rape survivor’s abortion unless she complies with mandatory reporting; and North Carolina gynoticians want to force doctors to send detailed, private information to the state on patients’ abortions (among other horrible provisions).

Oklahoma Gynoticians

Oklahoma Just Tripled the Waiting Period for Abortions

May 7, 2015, by Anna Merlan via Jezebel

In her continued effort to make life as hard as possible for the women of Oklahoma, Governor Mary Fallin signed a new law last night that triples the state’s abortion waiting period, from 24 to 72 hours… Waiting periods don’t actually [help women], of course, and the real intent seems to just be to create another hurdle.


Texas Gynoticians

Texas Republican: Rape Victims Shouldn’t Receive Abortion Coverage Because Their Claims Aren’t ‘Measurable’

May 7, 2015, by Jenny Kunter via Salon

Donna Campbell fought an amendment on Wednesday that would allow exceptions for rape and incest victims from a measure that otherwise prohibits all insurance coverage for abortion. Instead, the GOP lawmaker countered the proposal with her own, which would require victims to report their assaults to police in order to receive exemptions, because otherwise the state might be “enabling” perpetrators.


North Carolina Gynoticians

Anti-Abortion Bill Would Force Doctors To Send Private Medical Records, Including Images, To The State

May 5, 2015, by Tara-Culp Ressler via Think Progress

Under HB 465, physicians would be required to report detailed information about miscarriages and abortions to North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services if their patient’s pregnancy ends after 18 weeks… HB 465 also seeks to impose a 72-hour waiting period on patients seeking an abortion

Tell these Gynoticians to leave women’s health up to the real experts –women and their doctors. Period. SIGN THE GYNOTICIAN PETITION!

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