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Congress just wrapped up another session on the Hill, meaning that lawmakers are headed back to their home states for August recess.

When members of Congress go home, they have to answer for their positions on women’s health. At town halls, public appearances — and even the grocery store — this is a time for representatives to interact with their constituents face-to-face.

That’s why Planned Parenthood supporters and other progressive grassroots organizers have held more than 100 events since the House adjourned at the end of last month, and the Senate began their recess this week. You’re making sure your lawmakers see and hear you — which is especially important since only 13 percent of Republicans are holding town halls this month. But they can’t hide!

Here’s how Planned Parenthood supporters have been telling members of Congress across the country to #StandWithPP during August recess:

1) Greeting them at the airport

WHERE: Phoenix, Ariz.

WHO: Planned Parenthood supporters, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

WHEN: August 3

WHAT: After getting word that Sen. Flake was flying home to Arizona, a crowd of Planned Parenthood supporters greeted Flake at the airport. Later that day, a group of Arizonans — including Planned Parenthood patient advocates — shared their stories with the senator in person. They shared how the senator’s vote for Trumpcare would have impacted them, if it had passed.

2) Going to their office hours

WHERE: Lawrence, Ind.

WHO: Planned Parenthood supporters, Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN)

WHEN: August 7

WHAT: Planned Parenthood supporters showed up during Rep. Susan Brooks’s office hours to hold her accountable for her stance on health care. Patients like Bailey Schelter, a 26-year-old Planned Parenthood patient, told their stories and urged Brooks to stand with Planned Parenthood.

3) Bringing special deliveries to their offices

WHERE: Saint Paul, Minn.

WHO: Planned Parenthood supporter and Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN)

WHEN: August 1

WHAT: Planned Parenthood activists from across the state delivered a chain of 5,626 pink paper links to Rep. Paulsen's office. Each link represents one patient that lives in Rep. Paulsen’s district who he voted to block from receiving care at Planned Parenthood when he voted to repeal Obamacare and “defund” Planned Parenthood this year.

4) Attending their town halls

WHERE: Lincoln, Neb.

WHO: Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE), Planned Parenthood supporters

WHEN: July 31

WHAT: Around 70 Planned Parenthood activists staged a walkout at Rep. Fortenberry's town hall after he discussed his anti-women, anti-abortion beliefs and his support for “defunding” Planned Parenthood. After the activists walked out on the extreme lawmaker, they held their own vigil outside the building.

Lawmakers are going to be in recess until September, so there’s still time to fight back. Find an event, attend, and repeat! It’s as simple as that.


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