The Trump Show — a.k.a the Republican National Convention — started last night.

Every Republican who takes the stage over the next few days will be spouting off dangerous lies, extreme promises, and a whole lot of BS — especially Donald Trump. Even worse? If we don't counter it, millions of Americans could take them at their word. 

Planned Parenthood Votes has a new site that has the real (easily shareable!) facts showing just how toxic a Donald Trump presidency would be for all Americans.

Every fact you share will help counter his lies and divisive rhetoric, and educate the people you know about what's really at stake in this election, so I hope you're ready to spread the word! 

It may be hard to imagine after the wall-to-wall coverage of this primary, but polling has shown that many people still don't know about who Trump really is. They don't know about the people he's hurt and the businesses he's damaged, about the disgusting things he's said about women and communities of color, about the backward agenda he's pushing and the extremist company he keeps. 
That's where you can play a BIG role. 

Visit, and get the facts and tools you need to spread the truth about Trump. Every vote will matter this November, so we can't afford to be silent

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