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Exciting news: Planned Parenthood Action Fund is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president! We’ve never before had a chance to elect a president with such a strong record leading the fight for women and reproductive health.

In 1995 Hillary stood before the UN World Conference on Women to declare that “women’s rights are human rights” — and that reproductive rights and health care are fundamental to ensuring economic growth and opportunity for everyone in this country and this world. From her bold advocacy as first lady, to her leadership in the Senate and her time serving as secretary of state, Hillary has shown us again and again that she won’t just defend our rights, she’ll fight to make them better.

What's at Stake — and How Important This Election Is

We’re facing one of the most extreme slate of Republican presidential candidates in recent history. Every single one has been clear that, if elected, they would work to ban safe legal abortion, block patients from accessing care at Planned Parenthood, and end insurance coverage for birth control. That’s why the team here at Planned Parenthood Action Fund couldn’t be more excited to get started on this campaign.

Hillary isn't the only pro-reproductive health candidate running — but at the end of the day, she hasn’t just defended the rights we have, she’s made fighting to expand access to reproductive health and rights the driving force of her political career. Here are just a few examples:

  • Throughout her career, she’s never held back when it comes to advocating for women — from her controversial and groundbreaking “women’s rights are human rights” speech at the UN Conference on Women back in 1995, to her vocal support of Planned Parenthood over the last six months as extremists lobbed attack after attack. 
  • She understands that abortion and birth control are health care, period — and that access to these basic services should be protected and expanded. As Hillary said, “You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.” 
  • During her years in the Senate, she fought hard to expand access to women’s health care, introducing eight bills, more than any other presidential candidate, while also defending women’s health care gains — like the time she blocked President George W. Bush’s pick to head the FDA until they allowed emergency contraception (Plan B) to be offered over the counter, without a prescription. 

We need a candidate who will stand with us not just when it’s easy — but when it’s hard. A candidate who will call them out on their hateful rhetoric, who will stand up to the Congressional attacks on women's health and rights we know will continue in the years ahead. Secretary Clinton doesn’t just have the voting record to prove it — she has the track record of supporting Planned Parenthood and standing up for women’s health no matter what attacks she faces.

Join the Fight

I hope you’re as ready as we are to roll up your sleeves and get to work on this election. Together, we can make sure women’s health and rights wins big at the ballot box in November.

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