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Below are excerpts from the blog "I (heart) Planned Parenthood," which was originally posted on Akluka.wordpress.com by Andrew Kukla, a self-described Presbyterian pastor and former philosophy major with "a love of too many words."

On Easter Sunday I preached to my congregation, as you would expect a Christian pastor to be doing, about resurrection. The challenge I felt and shared this year was about filling places of death with life...

I heart Planned Parenthood. I love these people who do not care what others will label them or say about them or even say to them. They care too much about people and too much about life to let hate and ignorance hold them back. As a Christian I am called to grace, forgiveness, mercy…

So I say it proudly: I love Planned Parenthood. I love the people that are Planned Parenthood. I love their ministry. I love that they live resurrection in a way I only talk about it. “Care. No matter what.” Those are words to LIVE by!

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