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One thing’s for certain: 2017 has been a wild year. And though we’ve faced attacks time after time — from Congress, from state houses, and from the White House — Planned Parenthood supporters have resisted like hell all year long. We’re stronger than ever because of it.

  • Thousands of you kicked the year off in January by marching in the streets at hundreds of Women’s Marches across the country.
  • Over the summer, you defeated the Trumpcare bill not once but three times — by showing up at your elected officials’ offices, making over 350,000 phone calls to Congress and collecting more than 1.5 million petition signatures in the process.
  • And in November, you turned to the ballot box and elected dozens of pro-women lawmakers like Danica Roem, Vi Lyles, Phil Murphy, and Ralph Northam.

Hell, yeah!

We know that we’re going to face even more attacks in the new year. As we slide into 2018, the only way we can keep up the momentum is by continuing to resist together, like we did all throughout 2017.

Luckily, Facebook has a tool that makes fighting for Planned Parenthood patients and reproductive health care super easy. It’s a simple way to be a grassroots activist — and to get your friends and family involved, too!

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Log into Facebook, and click on “Fundraisers” on the bottom left corner of your homepage.

2. Type in “Planned Parenthood.”

3. Pick a fundraising goal!

How much do you want to raise, and how long do you want your fundraiser to last? Remember: It doesn’t matter how big your goal is. After all, the point of grassroots activism is starting small and working together.

4. Here’s where you can personalize your fundraiser.

Use the pre-written story, or explain in your own words the importance of standing with Planned Parenthood patients. Plus, you can pick from a variety of cover photos to go with your fundraiser.

5. You now have your very own grassroots fundraising page.

Woot, woot!

6. Now here comes the important part: Reaching out to your friends and family, and working together to get the job done.

Click the “Invite Friends” button to reach out to specific people. Then, click “Share on Your Timeline” to let even more of your network know about your goal.

7. Tweet and post about your fundraiser

Let your whole network — from Twitter to Facebook and even Instagram — know about the amazing (and simple) work you're doing online. After all, the only way we're going to make change is together

Grassroots activism for the win!


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