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Some big things are happening for reproductive health this year — and don’t worry, it’s good news!

This week, Planned Parenthood and our allies announced that we’re rolling out expansive reproductive health legislation in more than a dozen states — with many more to come. States across the country, from Alaska to Oklahoma, are moving pro-women policies forward as you read this.

These initiatives include protections for birth control coverage, expanding abortion access, and changes to make sex ed more inclusive. And that’s just the beginning. We’re fighting for our patients — and for everyone whose basic health and rights have come under threat in the past year — in all 50 states.

And if you’re wondering, “Why now?” consider the fact that we’re in a historic grassroots moment for women’s rights across the country. Over the past year, millions of women have demonstrated and made their voices heard, and more women than ever before have been elected into state legislatures.

Even as the Trump-Pence administration tries — time and time again — to undermine our health and rights, we keep fighting back. The’ve undermined birth control coverage, promoted abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, tried to block care at Planned Parenthood, stacked the courts with anti-abortion judges, and more. The list goes on.

But you know what? We’ve been fighting back all year. And now, we’re taking that fight to statehouses across the country.

It’s time to fight forward. Here are just a few examples of how we’re getting started.

  • In Hawaii, we’re working to get comprehensive coverage for reproductive health care, including preventive and abortion services covered through insurance, as well as two bills that would codify ACA protections.

  • In Maine, there’s a bill that would make medication abortion more accessible, allowing women who live in rural areas to access the same care.

  • In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy is expected to soon sign a bill into law that would restore $7.45 million to support women’s family planning clinics (money Gov. Chris Christie slashed).

  • In Michigan, the Progressive Women’s Caucus will announce several reproductive health bills later this week.

  • In Tennessee, a Women’s Health Equity Bill aims to expand reproductive health care coverage through state and private insurance programs.

  • In Missouri, reproductive health champions filed three times more bills than their opponents, including a repeal of the mandatory 72-hour waiting period for patients seeking abortion services.

And we know that these initiatives work! We’ve already made gains and passed bills that help expand access to health care. In 2017, advocates at the state level enacted 58 pro-women policies. That’s more than twice the number of policies passed in 2016. This includes states like Illinois, which repealed an abortion ban, to Oregon, where thousands of people now have comprehensive repro health coverage, regardless of their immigration status or gender identity.

This year, we’re not just fighting for our rights. We’re fighting to expand them.

Feeling inspired? Empowered? Motivated? Find out how you can join the fight.



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