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Just two days after Donald Trump's convention manager called the candidate "pro-women", Donald Trump said he would appoint Supreme Court judges who'd overturn Roe v. Wade. Doesn't sound so "pro-women" now does it?

Pledging to Appoint Anti-Abortion Judges

Last night, Donald Trump told Bill O'Reilly on Fox News that he would appoint judges to the U.S. Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that recognized the constitutional right to make personal medical decisions — including the decision to have an abortion without interference from politicians.

What's more, Trump said that anti-abortion advocates' best chance at banning abortion would be to elect him president. Just watch:


But wait, it gets worse. Just two days before this declaration (on Mothers Day, in fact), a high-level Trump aide said the presumptive GOP nominee for president is (get this!) more "pro-women" than Hillary Clinton.

Trump... has been working hard to win over women voters by telling them how easy their lives are, and on Sunday, Paul Manafort, who has all but ousted Corey Lewandowski as the head of the Trump campaign, told Fox News Sunday that Trump,
"Is not anti-women. He's very pro-women — more so than [Clinton] because he's pro-women in actions, not words."
Those actions, Manafort said, include female employees and... well, hiring female employees.

New York Magazine

Can't Believe We Have to Spell this Out: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on Women's Health and Rights

Let's get one thing straight: A Donald Trump presidency would be an absolute disaster for women's health and rights. Here's just five reasons why:

  1. He advocated for punishing both women and doctors for accessing or providing safe, legal abortion.
  2. He goes on sexist rants that demean and disrespect women
  3. His policy agenda ignores the very real issues women face in this country. 
  4. He promises to make abortion illegal.
  5. He is pushing to block millions of people from birth control and lifesaving cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood health centers –– even if it means shutting down the government. 

And here are just five of the many examples that show how Hillary Clinton has actually taken "pro-women" actions:

  1. She introduced eight pieces of legislation with the purpose of expanding and protecting access to reproductive health care. 
  2. She has frequently spoken out — without prompting — in support of Planned Parenthood. 
  3. She testified before a Congressional committee on how abortion is an essential part of reproductive health care
  4. She helped launch the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Teen birth rates are now at a 40-year low.
  5. She introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act ​in 2005, 2007 and 2009. No other presidential candidate has introduced equal pay legislation.

For a full breakdown of Clinton's contributions to women's health and rights, check out our Hillary Clinton candidate page.

“Women can’t trust Donald Trump. There is so much at stake for women and their access to reproductive health and rights in this election, and all Trump is doing is promising to take us backwards."

— Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund

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Denounce Donald Trump

Trump is dangerous, inciting violence at his rallies and using ugly rhetoric targeting women and people of color in his speeches. And if elected, he would be an absolute disaster for women's health and rights.

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