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The fate of a bill that threatens basic preventive health care for low-income women in Mississippi is now in the hands of 6 white men.  

Leadership for the state’s legislative body appointed the 6 white male politicians to a committee to determine the final version of the bill that aims to prevent state funding from going to Mississippi’s sole Planned Parenthood clinic. Oh, and by the way, the entire legislative body is made up of 24 female lawmakers out of a total 174. So why is it that only men are determining the fate of Mississippi women?

The clinic does not provide abortion services, so the bill primarily  targets preventive care, like pap smears and breast exams, for low-income women.

"Planned Parenthood Southeast believes it is shameful that six white men, all of whom have access to healthcare coverage through their official positions, would be tasked with deciding whether low income women and families in Mississippi will be able to select Planned Parenthood as their healthcare provider of choice.”

The Clarion-Ledger

Derrick Johnson, State President for the Mississippi State Conference NAACP, said: “Choices about when and where to seek care should be in the hands of Mississippi’s women and families, NOT politicians.”  

Yes, we think so too.

Read more about the bill and the committee.

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The attacks on women's access to health care is on the rise across the country. In Mississippi, it now lies in the hands of six men — with its biggest impact on low-income women in the state.

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