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On Monday, the Supreme Court made a landmark decision on abortion access, ruling that Texas’ dangerous, medically unnecessary abortion restrictions — which were designed to shut down clinics but billed as “helpful” to women — are, in fact, unconstitutional. Anti-abortion candidates’ reactions were what you’d expect (they had a big ol’ sad).

Anti-abortion candidates’ ignorant, cruel rhetoric about Texas’ HB2 law shows just how critical the election in November will be. For proof, just look at these eyeroll-inducing quips from anti-abortion candidates in key races across the nation.

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson

In a press release, Sen. Johnson made a ridiculous claim that enforcing the useless health and safety standards does not threaten any right to abortion. Sen. Johnson is wrong about HB2’s threat to abortion access — women in Texas were already traveling hundreds of miles, crossing state lines, and waiting weeks to get an abortion, if they could at all.

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte

Sen. Ayotte continue to stand by anti-abortion politicians’ claim that HB2 would protect women’s health. The Supreme Court noted that Texas’ HB2 forced women to travel long distances “in the face of no threat to women’s health.” Sorry, Sen. Ayotte. The Court has said these laws don’t keep women safer or healthier. That argument does not work. And the Supreme Court said so.

Florida businessman Carlos Beruff  

Beruff, who is currently running against Marco Rubio for the Republican senate nomination, used the victorious decision to justify the senate’s failure to vote on a new Supreme Court justice. However, Beruff is actually right on this one — we will not see victorious Supreme Court decisions like this landmark decision if Donald Trump is elected, as he has vowed to appoint anti-abortion justices.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

Once again, Sen. Rubio vowed he would continue to push the anti-abortion agenda. Sorry, Sen. Rubio — the Supreme Court agreed that women’s health matters. Obstacles to accessing safe and legal abortion forced people to seek out alternative measures that were often dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Gov. Abbott expressed his absurd logic of protecting women’s health by limiting abortion access. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A person’s right to make their own decisions about abortion shouldn’t depend on who they are or where they live. Abortion care is health care and must be accessible. End of discussion.

Hillary Stands With Us

Fortunately, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — who has been an outspoken champion for women — celebrated the landmark Supreme Court ruling, while reminding advocates the fight is far from over.

The Fate of Reproductive Rights

Anti-abortion politicians thought they could fool the people of Texas by passing off targeted restrictions on abortion providers (TRAP) designed to shut down clinics as “necessary” protections for women’s health. Despite being caught in a web of lies, anti-abortion politicians continue to defend the disastrous Texas clinic shutdown law. That is why it is crucial we vote for reproductive rights champions in November.

The Supreme Court’s decision sends a strong message to anti-women's rights politicians that they cannot get away with passing deceptive anti-abortion laws.  Our next president — and the new Supreme Court justices they’ll appoint — will determine whether women continue to have a constitutional right to safe and legal abortion. We need to elect Hillary Clinton, an unwavering champion for women who will fight to protect and expand access to reproductive health care.

Monday  was a monumental step forward, and we’re going to take that momentum all the way to the ballot box in November.

Take Action: Denounce Donald Trump

Trump is dangerous, inciting violence at his rallies and using ugly rhetoric targeting women and people of color in his speeches. And if elected, he would be an absolute disaster for women's health and rights.

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