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In a last-ditch effort to spread misinformation about Obamacare, opponents are hitting the road on a “Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour.”  In each of the states they’re heading to, there are thousands of women and families who stand to benefit from the new health care law.  But do these opponents care about those benefits? Nope.

They’ll spend their time in Fayetteville, AR; Dallas, TX; Tampa, FL; Nashville, TN; Birmingham, AL; Indianapolis, IN; Columbus, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; and Wilmington, DE, talking about taking away basic health care.  In the nine states where they’ll be talking, there are 13,986,406 people who stand to benefit from the health care law. 

While Heritage Action, along with anti-women’s health politicians like Senator Ted Cruz and former Senator Jim DeMint, spend their time talking about talking away health care, women will be accessing cancer screenings with no additional co-pay thanks to the provision in Obamacare that covers basic, preventive health care.  While they’re busy spreading misleading information, there are 3.1 million young people under the age of 26 who are benefitting from having the security of being able to stay on their parent’s health insurance.  While they’re traveling to these nine states, thousands of women and families will be benefitting from the health care law.

But you won’t hear any of that from Heritage Action.  If they had their way, thousands of young adults would be forced off their parents’ insurance plans, parents of children born with pre-existing conditions would once again worry about reaching a lifetime cap or getting any coverage, and seniors would be left paying more for their prescription drugs.  If they had their way, families could once again be bankrupted and lose everything because of an illness, accident, or medical emergency.

The real story of Obamacare is the historic progress that has been made for women and families.  We need to remind them of this progress and send a clear message that Obamacare works.  It works for women and families.  And we’re not backing down.

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