Protect U.S. Foreign Aid for Birth Control

Opponents of birth control don’t just want to limit access in the U.S., they want to slash U.S. support for international family planning programs. It’s a perennial debate, and it’s about to start all over again. President Obama’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 budget demonstrates the value the administration places on family planning. Despite near across-the-board cuts, funding for international family planning programs is preserved, a move that no doubt takes into account the disproportionate cuts family planning has faced in the last two budget cycles. Evidence shows that when women have access to family planning, unintended pregnancy, unsafe abortion, and maternal deaths all decrease. Yet opponents of birth control continue to take every opportunity to dismantle family planning programs at home and abroad. For more on the debate, read PPFA Director of Global Advocacy Chloe Cooney’s piece on RHReality Check laying out just how important it is that Congress protect U.S. foreign aid for birth control.