Success Stories

For 40 years, Planned Parenthood Global has been working overseas to ensure that women, men, and young people in some of the world's most neglected areas have access to the health care they need to control their bodies and their futures. By partnering with local advocates, medical service providers, and youth leaders and helping to build sustainable networks and organizations, we find innovative ways to deliver critical services and fight for more inclusive laws and policies. Below are some real world examples of the impact of our work.

Country: Guatemala

2-guatemala-youth-125x113.jpgWhat we bring to the table: Planned Parenthood Global supports the local youth association to produce a weekly radio show and train young teens in contraceptive counseling.

Impact: Scarlet lives in Petén, a region of Guatemala plagued by drug- and gang-related crime and violence. The daughter of a teen mom, Scarlet also watched many of her classmates drop out of school due to early unplanned pregnancies. To counteract this trend, she and some friends founded Tan Ux'il, a youth association.

Their flagship project was a youth-run call-in radio show called Sexo Tips, designed to answer any questions young people had about puberty, sex, and relationships. Planned Parenthood Global supported the creation of the radio program, as well as training for youth association members as Youth Peer Providers, peer educators trained as contraceptive counselors. Not only has Scarlet benefitted from the program, staying in school and bucking the odds, but she has helped countless peers do the same by providing them with the information — and supplies — they need.

Country: Nigeria

3-nigeria-125x113.jpgWhat we bring to the table: In northern Nigeria, Planned Parenthood Global supports training of community health workers in both HIV/AIDS and family planning counseling.

Impact: Mariam felt unwell after the birth of her fourth child. At first, she suspected her husband's second wife had bewitched her in some way out of jealousy for Mariam's fertility. She explained this to the community health worker who visited her home as part of a Planned Parenthood Global-supported project to bring integrated HIV and family planning counseling directly to women and their families.

The health worker offered Mariam an on-the-spot HIV test, which revealed that she was indeed positive. As a result of the home visit, Mariam received an immediate referral for HIV services and today receives both birth control supplies and HIV treatment.

Country: Guatemala

1-guatemala-conserv-125x113.jpgWhat we bring to the table: Planned Parenthood Global supports one of the country's leading environmental organizations to integrate women's health services into their conservation work.

Impact: Karen began working with the land rights group FUNDAECO at a time when the organization wanted to involve more women in their community development and land conservation work. As a mostly male organization comprised of engineers, foresters, and biologists, the leadership of FUNDAECO didn't quite know how to get more women to take part in their conservation campaigns.

A nurse by training, Karen pointed out to them that women's lives in rural Guatemala were all too often cut short by maternal death. How could they talk about sustainability when women's lives weren't sustainable? With her help, FUNDAECO embraced women's health as a key element of sustainable community development, building health centers so that rural women didn't have to walk five hours to access contraception or safely deliver births. As a result, the women they trained to run the health centers and the women they served lead healthier lives and many have become active in FUNDAECO's land rights and preservation work.