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An Unpopular Initiative in Michigan

Category: Abortion

Women’s Health Decisions Shouldn’t Be Political

Category: Republicans

Texas Voter ID Law Disenfranchises Women Voters

Category: State Fights

Ohio Agrees Medicaid Expansion is Too Good to Pass Up

Category: Obamacare, State Fights, Medicaid

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The Growing Latin@ Population and the Importance of Health Care

Category: Latinos, Obamacare

Government Reopens, But the Fight for Health Care Is Far From Over

Category: Obamacare, Congress

Cervical Cancer and Latinas

Category: Latinos

Obamcare is Here

Category: Obamacare

Gynotician of the Week: Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

Category: Obamacare

Great News for Women in Texas

Category: State Fights, Elections

WATCH: New TV Ad on How Ken Cuccinelli Interferes in Personal Health Decisions

Category: Elections

Latinos and the Affordable Care Act

Category: Latinos

Shutdown Puts Politics Over Women’s Health

Category: Obamacare, Congress