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Happy 42nd Anniversary, Roe: We Have a Win for You — But It’s Wrapped in Your Opponents’ Threats

Category: Abortion

Declaring OUR State of the Union: Women's Health and Rights Advocates Respond to the President's Speech


OUR State of the Union

Category: President Barack Obama

States Are Introducing a Wave of Abortion Bans, and Guess Who’s Paying for It

Category: Abortion, State Fights

Helms Amendment: A U.S. Policy that Restricts Women’s Abortion Access Around the Globe

Category: Global

A Day in the Life of a Raíz Organizer

Category: Latinos

Cecile Richards' Remarks at the National Press Club

Category: Abortion, Cecile Richards, Congress

2015 Attacks on Women’s Health Begin with a Vengeance


6 Stories that Show What We Value in the Fight for Women’s Health and Rights

Category: State Fights

Three Days In, and Women's Health is Already Under Attack


The Real Story of Obamacare: Healthier Women

Category: Obamacare

14 Victories in ’14 that YOU Made Possible!


Buzzfeed: Top 6 Things You Need to Know About 6-Week Abortion Bans

Category: Abortion

Best and Worst of 2014: Colorado Contraception Program Wins Women's Health Feat of the Year

Category: Birth Control, Planned Parenthood, Culture

Best and Worst of 2014: “Really?!” Moment of the Year

Category: Planned Parenthood, Culture

What the President’s Executive Action on Immigration Reform Means for Health Care, and for My Community

Category: Latinos

Best and Worst of 2014: Malala Yousafzai Wins Women’s Rights Hero of the Year

Category: Planned Parenthood, Culture

Study Confirms What We Already Knew: Abortion Is Safe

Category: Abortion

Best and Worst of 2014: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wins “Heck Yes!” of the Year

Category: Poll

COSMOPOLITAN: "This Country Does Not Want to Go Backward"


Vote Now: Help Planned Parenthood Receive Donations from CREDO!

Category: Planned Parenthood

Birth Control's Huge Impact on Life and the Economy

Category: Birth Control

Banning Abortion... Before she Knows She's Pregnant

Category: Abortion

Indiana Law Restricting Access to Medication Abortions Ruled Unconstitutional

Category: Abortion

Our Message to the Supreme Court: Don’t Allow Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Category: Court Cases & Litigation