Catherine Cortez Masto

DemocratCandidate for U.S. Senate


Planned Parenthood Action Fund is thrilled to help Catherine Cortez Masto make history and become the first Latina elected to the U.S. Senate.

Cortez Masto is a born and bred Nevadan. As Attorney General of Nevada, she fought to protect Nevada families by working to combat sex trafficking.

For the first time in Nevada’s history, under Cortez Masto’s leadership, sex trafficking was made a crime in the state. Cortez Masto helped craft legislation to strengthen the laws to prosecute pimps, to expand the sex offender registry, and to give survivors of sex trafficking the ability to sue their captors. It was a major victory for victims of sex trafficking and for the communities it affects.

She didn’t stop there. At the end of her two terms as Attorney General, she called on the state legislature to increase penalties for repeat offenders of sex trafficking and to seal the records of victims, and she advocated for more services for victims of sex trafficking, saying, “I will tell you in our state there is not enough treatment for the victims.”


  • Cortez Masto supports comprehensive immigration reform, and if elected to the Senate has vowed to push to pass legislation to keep families together.

  • Cortez Masto joined 49 other Attorneys General in sending a letter to Congress, asking for them to amend legislation to give more power to state and local officials to fight child sex trafficking and the online operations that support it.

  • Cortez Masto knows what’s at stake in this election when it comes to the Supreme Court vacancy. She will protect Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion. She has said that the Senate should no longer delay the vacancy.

Catherine Cortez Masto's Opponent: Joe Heck, (R)

Rep. Joe Heck has spent his political career voting against women’s health and rights, and now he wants to drag his dangerous agenda to the U.S. Senate.

Cortez Masto Has Stood Up To Bullies Before

Cortez Masto didn’t hold back when Donald Trump said that women who get abortions should be punished: She said that his comments were “disgusting” and called for her opponent Joe Heck to disavow Trump’s dangerous remarks.

Heck has done the opposite, saying: “I have high hopes that we will see Donald Trump become the next president.”

Cortez Masto condemned a race-baiting attack ad paid for by an out-of-state super PAC supporting Joe Heck. She set the record straight, asking for Heck to “demand his billionaire donor” take the ad off the air.

Joe Heck did nothing.

And when Donald Trump made awful, racist comments about the judge presiding over the lawsuit against Trump’s failed Trump University, saying that the judge was unqualified because he was Mexican American, Cortez Masto penned a powerful op-ed in response: “I am Judge Gonzalo Curiel.”

She writes, “Well I have news for Donald Trump and Congressman Heck — America is already great, and Mexican Americans have played a role in making us great… We aren’t rapists and drug dealers, we’re judges, doctors, teachers, Attorneys General and even United States Senators.”


“In the Senate, I will focus on working with both Republicans and Democrats to solve problems, not wage endless ideological battles that restrict women’s access to health care.”

— Catherine Cortez Masto

Cortez Masto Will Fight For Women and Families

And to put it simply: Joe Heck won’t.

Cortez Masto will always stand up for patients who rely on Planned Parenthood health care services. Planned Parenthood health centers in Nevada saw nearly 18,000 patients in 2014, and Cortez Masto will never jeopardize those patients’ ability to access life saving care such as cancer screenings, STD testing and contraception.


“[The] last thing we need in DC is a bunch of men telling us what to do w/ our bodies” — Catherine Cortez Masto


Cortez Masto will build on the historic advancements made by the Affordable Care Act, which ensures that more than 55 million women have access to no co-pay birth control. She makes an excellent point, in that: “We have more people that have insurance because of it.”

And she knows how important it is to address the gender pay gap, pledging to “never be silent on this issue” in the Senate.

The wage gap will cost Latinas in Nevada alone over $1 million dollars over a 40-year career - lost wages that could be used for food, clothing, healthcare, education, or retirement.

— Catherine Cortez Masto