North Carolina

Deborah Ross

DemocratCandidate for U.S. Senate



Deborah Ross was an outspoken champion for women and families in the North Carolina State House and now she wants to bring that energy to the U.S. Senate.

Throughout the 10 years she served in the N.C. House, she was an unwavering advocate for a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion, for access to affordable birth control, and for equal pay for equal work.


  • Ross fought to overturn parental consent laws, as Executive Director of the ACLU’s North Carolina chapter.

  • Ross supports the Affordable Care Act and wants to build upon its historic advancements in ensuring that millions of Americans now have access to affordable health care.

  • Ross strongly opposes North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill,” calling it “bad law” and “discriminatory.”




“We need to remind people that not all women are the same but all women do need to be respected.

We respect women who terminate their pregnancies, but we also respect women who carry their pregnancies to term. And we respect that child, and we want to make sure that child has health care, good housing and a chance for success.

That's what being pro-choice is about.”

— Deborah Ross

Deborah Ross's Opponent: Richard Burr, (R)

For more than 20 years, Richard Burr has used public office to push an agenda to make it harder for people to access affordable birth control and the full range of reproductive health care services.

Won’t Stand for Women Getting Paid Less Than Men

In 2013, Ross introduced the Equal Pay Act, noting that more so than ever before, women are serving as the primary or sole breadwinners for their households: “‘Women are responsible for their families’ welfare. And we need to make sure that the state of North Carolina supports them."

Women in North Carolina are paid 85 cents for every dollar paid to men. For women of color, that gap is even larger. Asian women are paid 78 cents, African American women are paid 64 cents, and Latinas are paid just 48 cents for every dollar paid to men.

She has made the same call to action in her bid for Senate, saying she’ll continue to fight for a national law that remedies the gender pay gap –– leadership that North Carolina is currently missing. In fact, it’s worse. Senator Richard Burr has voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which is now the law of the land, and he has also voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act repeatedly.

Believes Birth Control is a “Basic Health Care Right”

Ross will always fight to ensure that all women have access to birth control.

When North Carolina lawmakers pushed ideological legislation to restrict access to birth control, and allow employers — including private businesses and nonprofits — to opt out of providing coverage of birth control in health care plans, Ross stood up to those lawmakers, saying: “it’s simply not good policy.”

Ross offered her own amendment to pull the provision. Thanks to strong advocates like Ross, the birth control provision was removed from the final bill.

Ross also spoke out about a different provision, in the same bill, to exclude abortion coverage from insurance plans offered by the state’s health care exchange. Ross stood up for a woman’s right to choose the kind of health care coverage she wants, instead of having the state choose for them.