Ted Strickland

Democrat, Candidate for U.S. Senate


A lifelong record of fighting to protect reproductive health and rights. 

That’s in stark contrast to his opponent, Senator Rob Portman, who has spent six years voting over and over again to block patients from birth control and lifesaving cancer screenings Planned Parenthood health centers; restrict access to safe, legal abortion; and squash equal pay measures.

With reproductive health care and rights under attack in Ohio, Ohioans need a champion like Ted Strickland who will fight to protect us.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed Strickland for Senate because he will stand up for women and protect access to affordable health care.


Ted Strickland's Opponent: Rob Portman (R)

While in the Senate, Portman has taken seven votes to block patients from care at Planned Parenthood health centers, and said they don’t provide “legitimate” health care services.

When abortion opponents attacked Planned Parenthood with discredited smear videos this summer, Strickland voiced his support:

“Across Ohio, Planned Parenthood clinics and providers are providing vital, life-saving healthcare services for women and families. This organization provides a range of essential services — from breast cancer screenings to education — that help ensure the health and economic security of some of Ohio’s most vulnerable families.”

Standing With Planned Parenthood Health Centers

Strickland served as the governor of Ohio from 2006 to 2010 and he has never stopped caring about Ohio’s women and families.

This winter, he called out Ohio Governor John Kasich for signing a bill that threatens health care access for thousands of Ohioans who rely on Planned Parenthood health centers for their health care.


“Playing politics with women’s health is shameful, and government has no business interfering in a woman’s freedom to make personal, private healthcare decisions for herself.”
—Ted Strickland

Protecting Access to Safe, Legal Abortion

Strickland worked to protect access to medication abortion and made it clear that he would have vetoed a state abortion ban. Strickland also knows what’s on the line in the Supreme Court — he understands that Roe v. Wade is at stake in this election. 

Strickland can be counted on to ensure that a woman's personal, private decision about whether or not to access abortion care is not compromised.

"If a nominee indicated that they were likely to vote against continuing Roe v. Wade as the law of the land, I absolutely would consider that a total disqualifier."
—Ted Strickland

Strickland Protected Access to Comprehensive Sex Education

As governor, Strickland eliminated federally subsidized abstinence-only programs from the Ohio budget, joining 13 other states in refusing Bush administration abstinence-only funds. In the three years prior, Ohio abstinence-only groups got $23.7 million in federal funding.

At the time, Strickland said that abstinence-only "seems to show a lack of concern for those young people who are sexually active or who may become sexually active" and that they need information to protect themselves.

“Quite frankly, I don't believe abstinence-only education programs work in the long run.”
Ted Strickland