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Candidate Spotlight

Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights?

Birth control. Abortion. Sex ed. Reproductive health care as a human right. What do these have in common? They’re on the 2020 ballot — and Trump wants to restrict all of them. Find out where the candidates stand and if they stand with you.

Joe Biden

Former Vice President


Abortion Access

Biden pledges that his federal court nominees would “support the right of privacy, on which the entire notion of a woman's right to choose is based.” [The Washington Post, 10/15/19]

Birth Control

Biden says he would eliminate the global gag rule. [We Decide, 6/22/19]

Planned Parenthood

Biden pledges to repeal of the Trump administration’s Title X gag rule — protecting birth control for four million people and ensuring all people have access to all health care options. [Axios, 6/22/19]

Health Equity

Biden favors implementing a program to tackle the maternal mortality crisis among Black women similar to one in California, which was found to “dramatically reduce the state’s maternal mortality rate.” [SELF, 7/30/19]

Sex Ed

In a 2007 questionnaire, Biden stated that he “supports comprehensive and age appropriate sex education that includes science based prevention methods.” [OnTheIssues, accessed 8/29/19]

The only way we can fight back against the harmful and dangerous laws and policies coming from anti-reproductive health politicians is by changing who's writing and passing them. Are you in?