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Former Collins Voters: Sen. Collins Can’t Be Trusted to Protect Our Health & Rights After Deciding Vote to Confirm Justice Kavanaugh

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 6, 2020
CONTACT: Planned Parenthood Votes Media Office; 212-261-4433; [email protected]
Planned Parenthood Votes Pressroom

Planned Parenthood Votes releases new ad supporting Sara Gideon, a champion for reproductive rights

Portland, ME — Today, Planned Parenthood Votes and former supporters of Sen. Susan Collins forcefully called out Collins’ betrayal of Mainers in a press call to mark the second anniversary of Collins’ vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. 

Collins is no longer the Senator she once was, putting the Trump-Pence agenda over the health and rights of Mainers. When she cast the deciding vote to confirm Justice Kavanaugh, Collins ignored the warnings and pleas from her constituents, as well as the signs that he would threaten reproductive rights. Once on the court, Kavanaugh voted against safe, legal abortion  the first chance he got in June Medical Services v. Russo. 

This election season, voters have a chance to elect a new senator they can actually trust to protect their health and rights. Planned Parenthood Votes announced the launch of its new digital ad supporting Sara Gideon as the health care and reproductive rights champion who will protect Mainers’ care. The ad, which highlights Gideon’s proven record in the state legislature making health care more affordable for more Mainers,  will run on digital platforms across the state.



Watch Planned Parenthood Votes New Ad ‘Sara’

Statement from Amy Cookson, spokesperson, Planned Parenthood Votes in Maine:

“Two years ago when Sen. Susan Collins put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court Mainers could only watch in anger, fear, and frustration. Now we finally have the opportunity to hold her accountable for putting her party and her special interest donors ahead of her constituents. We are tired of the faux hand-wringing and toothless statements of disappointment from Collins. We deserve a Senator who will protect our health and rights, rather than rubber stamping Trump’s judicial nominees whenever he needs her vote. Planned Parenthood Votes’ supporters are working tirelessly to ensure that we elect Sara Gideon, real leadership for Maine.”

Statement from former Collins’ supporter, Mindy Woerter of Durham:

“I thought Susan Collins was a senator who engaged with her constituents and put people over politics, especially when it comes to supporting women’s rights. I voted for her and I trusted her — but now I see that trust was misplaced. She will never get another vote from me.” 

Statement from former Collins’ supporter, Priscilla Jenkins of Winthrop:

“I fervently hoped that despite his record, maybe Kavanaugh would follow precedent. My hopes were dashed this summer when he voted to restrict safe, legal abortion in Louisana. It’s clear she can’t be trusted to defend my right to control my life and my body so she can no longer count on my vote. This year I’ll be voting for Sara Gideon.”

Statement from former Collins’ supporter, Ted Perrin of Hallowell:

“I was truly dumbfounded that Senator Collins accepted Justice Kavanaugh’s assurance that he viewed Roe v. Wade as “settled law.” He had already ruled against safe, legal abortion in a case where a young immigrant woman in US custody needed an abortion. Why wouldn't he continue to do so on the Supreme Court? Not only did she believe Justice Kavanaugh would protect reproductive rights, she tried to convince us of that too. It did not work. Her vote to confirm him was the last straw. I won't vote for Susan Collins anymore."

Collins’ decision to confirm Justice Kavanaugh who voted against access to safe, legal abortion the first chance he got was a politically poinsonous decision. Support for safe, legal abortion has never been more popular than it is today, with 77% of Americans in favor. From now until Election Day, Planned Parenthood Votes will be working to ensure Mainers turn out in force at the ballot box to support reproductive rights champions like Sara Gideon.

Sara’ Ad Transcript:

As Speaker of the Maine House,

Sara Gideon worked to protect our health and reproductive rights

And she succeeded. 

She stood up to insurance companies trying to deny coverage.

Lowered the cost of prescription drugs like insulin.

And fought to expand Medicaid to more than 70,000 Mainers.

As a Senator, Sara will protect our right to safe, legal abortion.

This year, vote for a true reproductive rights champion

Vote Sara Gideon for senate. 


Planned Parenthood Votes is an independent expenditure political committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.