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ICYMI: Trump's Judges "Restricting Abortion as Much as They Can" and "Likely Will Continue to Do So"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, June 26, 2020
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Washington, DC  This week, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) led a Senate Republican majority in confirming Trump's 200th lifetime judicial appointment, packing our courts with ideologues that could impact people's reproductive and civil rights for generations. The threat Trump's judges pose to our health care and civil rights is no accident — it is completely by design.

Law360 reports that "abortion rights and the ACA are among the closest things to litmus tests for the judicial nominees[.]" In fact, Cory Wilson, Trump's 200th lifetime judge, supports the “complete and immediate reversal” of Roe v. Wade — and like many of Trump's other judicial nominees, holds a record that demonstrates hostility toward reproductive health care and access. Read more about how Trump's judges are "restricting abortion as much as they can" — and "likely will continue to do so:"

Law360: How Trump's Judges Are Handling Abortion Rights And ACA
By Jeff Overley
June 24, 2020 

  • "President Donald Trump's most prominent judicial picks are on the cusp of casting pivotal votes in colossal cases over reproductive rights and the Affordable Care Act. But many of his judges have already joined important rulings against abortion and the ACA, possibly presaging what's ahead for the politically charged areas of health care litigation."
  • "The impact has become increasingly clear as the president's imprint on the federal bench has become increasingly deep, reaching 200 confirmations on Wednesday. And that impact is perhaps unsurprising, given that an expectation of antipathy for abortion rights and the ACA are among the closest things to litmus tests for the judicial nominees of a Republican president."
  • "[M]ost of the attention surrounding how Trump's jurists might affect health care has focused on pending Supreme Court cases over a Louisiana abortion law, ACA-guaranteed birth control coverage and the constitutionality of the entire ACA."
  • "But the president has placed far more judges — 53, as of Wednesday — on the circuit benches that very often have the last say on the biggest cases in federal courts. Those judges have handed down a sizable number of decisions that have had real health care consequences for many Americans, especially in the realm of reproductive rights."
  • "Some of those assertions emerged during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when Republican-led states began ordering halts to abortions, ostensibly to preserve medical resources. In subsequent litigation, two Trump appointees — Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan and Eighth Circuit Judge Ralph Erickson — helped to form 2-1 majorities that upheld temporary abortion limits in Texas and Arkansas."
  • "In 2019, four of Trump's appointees to the Sixth Circuit — which now has six Trump appointees — were part of an 11-6 majority that overturned a panel decision and allowed Ohio to cut funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers."
  • "Also in 2019, four of Trump's appointees to the Fifth Circuit — which now has seven Trump appointees — joined a 9-6 majority that refused to revisit a panel decision upholding the Louisiana abortion law that's now at the Supreme Court. The law is virtually identical to a Texas law that the Supreme Court invalidated in 2016."
  • "Some observers say Trump's judges appear so receptive to anti-abortion endeavors that they may not even be discouraged much if the Supreme Court invalidates Louisiana's law."
  • "'I think there's very little question that Trump judges are ... restricting abortion as much as they can and likely will continue to do so,' Mincberg said."

Read the full article HERE.


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