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WASHINGTON, D.C.  — Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is taking a page out of her anti-abortion ally Blake Masters’ playbook by trying to muddy the waters on her position on abortion. Why? Because she knows her extreme views are grossly out of touch with Arizonans. 

Over the past few days, and on Sunday during Face the Nation, Kari Lake has “shifted” her stance, saying she would uphold “whatever [the] law is” on abortion — an undeniable pivot from the bold energy and unwavering enthusiasm she’s previously had for abortion bans. But her views haven’t changed. A spokesperson for the campaign shared that Lake supports both bans that are currently being pushed in the state: a near-total abortion ban and a ban at 15 weeks of pregnancy. 

Kari Lake is using evasive, confusing, and vague language to trick voters and make them think she’s not an active threat to their health and rights. Arizonans deserve the full truth. Here are a few questions she must answer:  

Do you still believe that the 1864 abortion ban in Arizona is a “really great law that’s currently on the books?” Would you work to repeal the unpopular law or do you want to keep it in place? Do you believe, like AG Brnovich, that it should be enforced across the state against doctors who provide abortions?

Do you support banning abortions in Arizona? 

Do you still believe that those who support abortion access [aka: the majority of Arizonans] are supporting a “demonic ideology?” 

Do you trust women and families to make their own decisions about their health, lives, and bodies? 

Do you still believe that abortion is the “ultimate sin,” as you stated in May of this year?

Do you still believe in banning access to medication abortion in Arizona?

Do you still want Arizona to pass a copy of Texas’ S.B. 8 law that bans abortion before most people even know they’re pregnant, criminalizes doctors, and has a $10,000 bounty provision? As governor, would you make sure that “Arizona is next”? 

Do you know that the overwhelming majority of Arizonans support the right to an abortion? 


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