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Washington, DC – Less than 30 days to go until Election Day, the stakes for reproductive freedom are getting higher. With abortion rights on the ballot in November, candidates on debate stages across the country are revealing the stark contrasts between anti-abortion rights candidates and reproductive health champions.

Here’s a quick review of some of the stand-out moments from the previous week's state debates: 

NEVADA (Gov. Steve Sisolak v. Joe Lombardo): In last week’s town hall, Governor Steve Sisolak not only demonstrated empathy for abortion patients and providers in other states — now forced to seek and provide care in Nevada — he also showed forward-thinking leadership and his dedication to Nevada’s long-term reproductive health and rights. 

Joe Lombardo, on the other hand, displayed his ignorance of reproductive health. His apathy toward the state's abortion laws and abortion patients across the country were clear. That is not what Nevadans need in a governor. 

  • Quote of the Debate: Gov. Sisolak: “I support, unequivocally, a woman’s right to choose. Her health care decisions are between her and her doctor. Not her, her doctor and Joe Lombardo.”

ARIZONA (Senator Mark Kelly vs. Blake Masters): On the debate stage, Sen. Mark Kelly proudly championed his record advocating for the health, freedom, and safety of Arizonans. Masters, on the other hand, unsurprisingly lied about his extreme views on abortion and was evasive when asked about infamously scrubbing his website

Watch it for yourself:

  • Quote of the Debate: Sen. Mark Kelly: “We all know guys like this.” 

NORTH CAROLINA (Cheri Beasley vs. Ted Budd): Beasley reiterated her commitment to  abortion rights as well as respect for all North Carolinians to control their own bodies. She has been an unwavering champion of reproductive health and rights for over 20 years as a judge, including chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. 

Budd tried — and failed — to distract from his own abysmal record by parroting lies about Beasley’s position on abortion. But there was only one extremist on the debate stage on Friday night, and it was the candidate who wants to rob people of their ability to control their own bodies and push to ban abortion in all 50 states. Budd sidestepped and refused to answer when asked directly about his support for a total abortion ban with no exceptions. That's because he knows his extremist views are unpopular and out-of-touch with the vast majority of North Carolinians. He doesn’t need to answer the question, because he already has.

WISCONSIN (Mandela Barnes vs. Sen. Ron Johnson): In last Friday’s debate, Mandela Barnes reaffirmed his support for abortion rights, promising that he will vote to codify Roe v. Wade in the Senate. Barnes called out his opponent for celebrating the Supreme Court decision to overturn of Roe v Wade as well as Johnson's dismissive and callous comment that Wisconsinites “can move” if they don’t like the state’s abortion ban. Johnson tried to side-step questions on his opposition to abortion rights by saying it should go to a vote of the people — a vote that his anti-abortion rights allies in the Wisconsin legislature had just rejected. 

Take a look:


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