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New Hampshire deserves a senator who will boldly defend abortion rights and access for all

NEW HAMPSHIRE — Today, the choice between Sen. Maggie Hassan and Don Bolduc became even starker during the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce Debate. When asked about abortion rights, Don Bolduc claimed, “Dobbs didn’t reverse Roe v. Wade.” Not only is Bolduc incorrect — the Dobbs opinion explicitly states that both Roe and Casey are overruled — but he is purposefully misinterpreting the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision to obscure his anti-abortion views.

Bolduc continued to double down on his questionable understanding of abortion precedent, saying, “Even Ruth Gator [sic] Ginsberg knew [Roe was decided] was on shaky grounds,” attempting to claim that she believed it was an incorrect decision made by the court.  He said that federal abortion rights have “hurt people over the last 50 years.” In reality, millions of people were able to make the decisions that were best for their health, their lives, and their families. Now, one in three American women are without access to abortion — with devastating results. 

Sen. Hassan, on the other hand, spoke clearly to the damage that abortion bans — including New Hampshire’s own ban on abortion after 24 weeks — cause for pregnant people and their families. Responding to Bolduc’s outrageous claims about abortion later in pregnancy, Sen. Hassan said, “What Don Bolduc has described does not happen. What does happen is that women in difficult circumstances are unable to get medical care… New Hampshire’s abortion ban had no exception for fetal anomaly and prevented women from getting care. Politicians like Don Bolduc have no place in the examination room.”

Statement from Kayla Montgomery, New Hampshire State Director, Planned Parenthood Votes:

“At this morning’s debate, Don Bolduc continued to prove that he is out of touch with the residents of New Hampshire and a grave threat to the health, rights, and safety of all. We need a proven leader in the Senate who we can trust to defend the reproductive freedom of Granite Staters — not an anti-abortion zealot who praised the Supreme Court’s decision to take away our constitutional right and will stop at nothing to strip us of our bodily autonomy. We’re going to elect leaders who understand that we, not politicians, should decide what is best for our own bodies and futures. Reproductive rights are on the ballot and this November, voters will re-elect Sen. Maggie Hassan to protect access to safe, legal abortion.”

As Sen. Hassan reminded the audience today, Don Bolduc’s anti-abortion record is apparent. He has said that we should rejoice in the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and when pushed, he said that Hassan — and by extension, supporters of abortion rights — should “get over it.” He’s said that the first abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history doesn’t go far enough. And he’s said that the “gentlemen”of the state legislature should decide what is best for Granite Staters’ bodies, lives, and futures. 

New Hampshire cannot afford to have an extreme anti-abortion politician like Don Bolduc representing the state in the U.S. Senate. It’s time for Granite Staters to take control and re-elect Sen. Maggie Hassan — the only candidate who has always and will always protect reproductive freedom. 


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