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2020 Key Races and Candidates

For years, politicians have worked to undermine our rights and our access to health care: stacking the federal courts, passing unconstitutional legislation, spreading deceptions, imposing arbitrary restrictions, and waging one legal battle after another. But in 2018 and 2019, voters elected reproductive health champions, and rejected false and debunked attacks from anti-abortion politicians — and in 2020, we’ll do it again.

Learn about the biggest opportunities in 2020 to take back our power — and about what’s at stake in these battlegrounds for our rights, our bodies, and our health care.

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Election Day:
Tues. Nov. 3, 2020

Primary/Caucus Day:
Varies by State

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Candidate Spotlight: Where Do the 2020 Hopefuls Stand on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights? 

Birth control. Abortion. Sex ed. Reproductive health care as a human right. What do these have in common? They’re on the 2020 ballot — and Trump wants to restrict all of them. Find out where the candidates stand and if they stand with you.

Key Races

In these states, voters have the chance to elect champions for reproductive rights — and to send home politicians who’ve leveled attack after attack on abortion access, reproductive health care, and so much more.


Primary Date: August 4

Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary: July 6

Senate Race:

  • Challenger: Mark Kelly (D)
  • Martha McSally (R), Incumbent


Primary Date: June 30

Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary: June 30 (registrations after June 22 must be completed in person at a polling place)

Senate Race:

  • Challenger: undecided
  • Cory Gardner (R), Incumbent


Primary Date: August 4

Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary: August 4 (registrations after July 20 must be done in person with a local clerk)

Senate Race:

  • Gary Peters (D), Incumbent
  • Challenger: John James (R)


Presidential Primary Date: March 3
State Primary Date: August 11

Last Day to Register to Vote in State Primary: August 11 (registrations after July 21 must be done in person or confirmed with an official Notice of Late Registration)

Senate Race:

  • Tina Smith (D), Incumbent
  • Jason Lewis (R)

New Hampshire

Primary Date: September 8

Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary: August 26-September 2 (varies by locality)

Senate Race:

  • Jeanne Shaheen (D), Incumbent
  • Challenger: Bill O’Brien (R)

North Carolina

Primary Date: March 3

Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary: February 7

Senate Race:

  • Challenger: undecided
  • Thom Tillis (R), Incumbent