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Montana 2018 Race

Primary Date: 
June 5, 2018

Election Date: 
Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Senate Candidates

  • Sen. Jon Tester (D), Incumbent, Endorsed
  • Matt Rosendale (R)

Sen. Jon Tester (D)

Defends Montanans’ health and rights

Despite violent attacks on health care facilities, dangerous rhetoric, and defunding efforts in Congress, I will continue to stand with Montana women.

— Sen. Jon Tester

Source: Office of Sen. Jon Tester

Since he was sworn in 11 years ago, Tester has made Montanans’ health and rights a top priority. Tester has never been shy about supporting women’s access to health care or standing up for more than 10,000 Montana women who visit Planned Parenthood every year.

Montanans deserve a senator who trusts women and will advocate for them to make their own health care decisions. For his entire Senate career, Tester has maintained a 100 percent rating on Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s congressional scorecard. That’s why Planned Parenthood Action Fund proudly supports Jon Tester for re-election.

Why We Support Sen. Jon Tester

  • He’s worked hard to protect the Affordable Care Act and access to Planned Parenthood

  • He has a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s congressional scorecard

  • He's fought for access to affordable birth control

Jon Tester on the Issues:


Tester supports a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion. He’s denounced efforts to curtail this right, calling dangerous and out-of-touch legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks “another politically motivated attack to try and put the government between a woman and her doctor.” In the Senate, he’s taken proactive steps to expand abortion access — including co-sponsoring the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Birth Control

Tester knows the importance of ensuring women have access to affordable contraception. He urged officials to provide “cost-free contraceptive coverage” for millions of women.

Tester has also stood firmly against the Trump administration’s attempts to roll back women’s rights to access affordable birth control, even opposing Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, over his anti-women’s health opinions on birth control access.

Protecting Planned Parenthood Patients

Tester stands with Planned Parenthood. As a senator, he has voted eight times against efforts to cut access to Planned Parenthood for women. He’s denounced efforts to dismantle Planned Parenthood’s ability to serve thousands of Montanans, calling them "reckless and irresponsible," as well as "shortsighted and downright dangerous."

Tester knows that Planned Parenthood provides "critical access to health care" to people all over Montana. Thousands of Montanans visit Planned Parenthood every year, and they have an ally in Tester.

Health Care Access

Tester has been a staunch defender of equitable access to health care, which is why he voted multiple times against Republican attempts to roll back the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These bills would have gutted Medicaid and cut access to Planned Parenthood for thousands of Montana residents. Nearly 48,000 people in Montana rely on the ACA for their health insurance.

Tester believes all Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care, regardless of who they are or where they come from. That’s why he’s fought for access for all Montanans, including children.

Health Equity for All

Tester believes everyone should have access to affordable quality health care — no matter who you are or where you come from. Tester has long been a supporter of LGBTQ equality, and recently spoke out against Trump’s decision to ban transgender service members from the military. Tester also sponsored the Student Non-Discrimination Act to make it illegal to discriminate against LGBTQ students.

As senator, Tester has worked tirelessly to ensure that disabled veterans and their children have access to the health care they need.

Matt Rosendale (R)

A radical anti-women’s health extremist who wants to ban abortion without any exceptions

I do not believe in abortion. I do not believe that you should provide for any exceptions.

— Rick Matt Rosendale

Source: Facebook

If Matt Rosendale is elected to be a senator from Montana, reproductive health care would be in immediate danger. Rosendale is strongly anti-abortion and has persistently tried to deny women the right to safe, legal abortion. Rosendale has spent years attacking the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which has extended access to health care to more than 70,000 Montanans.

Rosendale has embraced President Donald Trump’s extreme views on removing access to health care, attacking immigrants’ rights, and defending discrimination against LGBTQ Montanans. If he’s elected to the Senate, the health and rights of Montanans would immediately be put at risk.

Why We Oppose Matt Rosendale

  • He wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act — and block more than 70,000 Montanans from  health care.

  • He doesn’t support women’s legal right to abortion — even in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

  • He supports President Trump’s attacks on immigrants and won’t defend LGBTQ communities.

Matt Rosendale on the Issues:


If Rosendale gets elected, he would be one of the most anti-abortion lawmakers in the Senate. Rosendale wants to ban abortion with no exceptions — not for victims of rape or incest, nor if the mother’s health is in danger. In the Montana state House, Rosendale voted for a bill to amend the state constitution to add provisions saying that women do not have a right to an abortion.

While he served in the state House and Senate, Rosendale voted for several onerous requirements for women seeking abortions, including unnecessary ultrasounds and extra requirements for minors.

Birth Control

Rosendale doesn't support a woman’s right to control her own body. Rosendale voted for a bill that could have hindered a woman’s ability to access birth control, had it not been vetoed by Gov. Steve Bullock (D).

Protecting Planned Parenthood Patients

Rosendale doesn't support Montana women’s rights to receive the health care they need. Not only did Rosendale support the Republican bill to repeal the ACA and “defund” Planned Parenthood, but as a member of the state House and Senate, Rosendale consistently received a 0 percent rating from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana.

Health Care Access

Rosendale has worked tirelessly to deprive thousands of Montanans of necessary, affordable health care. In 2017, Rosendale called for a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement.

As a member of the state Senate, Rosendale fought against the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, which gave access to health care for more than 70,000 Montanans. Rosendale also supports allowing health insurers to discriminate against the more than 220,000 Montanans who have pre-existing medical conditions.

Health Equity for All

Simply put, Rosendale doesn’t believe that all people should be treated equally. As a member of the state Senate, Rosendale voted to allow discrimination against LGBTQ Montanans. As recently as 2014, Rosendale vowed to support “traditional marriage” between one man and one woman.

Rosendale also supports President Trump’s xenophobic attacks on immigrants, repeating Trump’s call to build a wall along the Southern border.

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