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How many emails requesting you to take an action did you receive today? How many did you read through and act on as requested?

Unfortunately, our desire to make a difference in this unjust world all too often translates into a steady barrage of electronic requests – so much so that it can get overwhelming and we stop paying attention altogether.

As someone who receives these requests and sends blast emails requesting action, I sympathize. We’re all trying to cut through the electronic noise to get your attention. I know I’m needed by the groups that contact me and I need everyone I reach out to.

We can try being selective and limiting contact, but there is always another wrong to make right, so that doesn’t last long. As Alice Walker said “Activism is my rent for living on this planet” – I can never turn myself off and ignore the need to take up arms in the battle for a better, healthier, more equitable world.

Anything you can do is truly appreciated – critics may decry “slacktivism” - but when enough people engage on social media that’s a movement and a moment to create change. Every action, no matter, how insignificant it may seem at the time, does add up. Raindrops become rivers which become oceans. Remember that when you’re scrolling through Facebook on Saturday morning!

That said, you are still needed in real time. There will always be a need for actual “boots on the ground” involvement. Having people show up can never be replaced – there is no more effective method to change minds than to show up and make our case. We will always need marchers, sign-carriers, and activists willing to make some noise!

On March 12, Planned Parenthood in New York State will hold our annual Day of Action in Albany, our state capital. Will you join us to fight for our reproductive health care and rights? The need is urgent. The federal administration is waging a war on reproductive health care including the latest assault on Title X - the nation's oldest family planning program - and we need our state to stand up for us.

There is no substitute for you on March 12! Make plans to join us now!