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Talk to Your Employer

Your Boss, Your Birth Control, and You

Trump’s attack on health insurance coverage for birth control means that virtually any employer or education institution could refuse to cover birth control in their health insurance plans for “religious or moral reasons.” Faith leaders say that faith and religion should not be used as a wedge to curtail access to reproductive health care. But that’s exactly what Trump’s rule allows.

This means your employer or your school could have a lot of say over whether or not your health insurance covers your birth control.

In the wake of the administration’s new rule, your employers now have a choice about whether or not their new health care plans will include coverage for birth control. That means they need to hear from you now.

Find how to get your employer to keep covering birth control using our Employee Toolkit.

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3 Ways to Advocate For Your Birth Control

  1. Start a conversation at work: Talk to your employer, human resources, or your coworkers.

  2. Talk to your insurance company: Ask them if they cover birth control, and tell your story.

  3. Go public: Encourage your employer to tweet or write a press release about their commitment to cover birth control.