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SB 410/HB 545


By Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez and Rep. Linda Chaney

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Contact the Senate Bill Sponsor, Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez

Urge her to immediately withdraw her bill that will make it harder for young Floridians to learn about safe sex.

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We Oppose Restricting Access to Sex Ed

The scientific evidence shows that comprehensive sex education helps young people withstand pressures and promotes healthy, responsible and mutually protective relationships when they become sexually active.

But a cynical new legislative proposal (Senate Bill 410/House Bill 545) would create an additional barrier to giving young people the access to education they need and would decrease the number of young people in Florida receiving sex ed at a critical point in their lives. As a result, more of them could engage in sexual activity without being taught about safety, consequences, relationships, and their own bodies.

Under current law, a public school student whose parent makes a written request to the school principal is exempted from the teaching of reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS. But under this bill, students wouldn’t receive this instruction at all unless their parents opted them in.

Providing teens and young people with the information they need to make responsible decisions about their sexual health is extremely popular with everyone from parents to public health experts because it reduces unintended teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

We all want to keep children safe but research clearly shows that stigmatizing and limiting access to sex education will have the opposite effect. It is imperative for the health of our young people that we provide our students with comprehensive, medically accurate and age-appropriate information.

Bill Fact Sheet

A comprehensive analysis of this bill in a single PDF.

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