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OPPOSE HB 5 / SB 146

“Reducing Infant and Fetal Mortality”

By Representative Erin Grall and Senator Kelli Stargel

Everyone deserves the freedom to make their own decisions about their bodies and their lives — including the decision to have an abortion. Laws banning abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy would take that deeply personal decision away.

Politicians who oppose our right to abortion are trying to take away that freedom, and we refuse to stand by.


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Together, we say: Bans off my body. Add your name in opposition to abortion bans in Florida!


Take Action: Contact Legislators

Tell legislators to stay out of our private medical decisions and STOP trying to pass a 15-week abortion ban.


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People all over Florida are mobilizing in opposition to a Texas-style ban in our state.


This bill bans abortion at 15 weeks with no concern for a pregnant person’s circumstances.

This legislation ignores real world situations. For example, a recent Planned Parenthood patient was unhoused and discovered she was pregnant when she was admitted to the Emergency Room. She knew that her circumstances would not allow her to raise a child the way she wants to. By the time she was able to get transportation to our office she was at 19 weeks.

This legislation is an attempt to advance a political agenda over sound science and medicine.

It is important that a pregnant person, their family, and doctor have every medical option available. Laws banning abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy would take that deeply personal decision away.

This bill requires two physicians to sign off on a medical exception, provides no exceptions for when a person is raped, even if they are a minor, and only very limited exceptions for when the pregnant person learns that there are serious fetal anomalies. In these situations, it is crucial for a pregnant person to have the opportunity to think through their options based on their unique situation in consultation with people they trust, including their physicians, loved ones, counselors, religious leaders and others – but not politicians.

North Carolina could be the closest place to get an abortion if this bill passes.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the US Supreme Court and Florida bans abortion, the closest abortion provider would be in North Carolina.

People shouldn’t be forced out of state like they are being banished just to access care. We all know this is a distraction from the real work that politicians should be doing right now. Unfortunately, it’s a distraction that is leaving real-world patients without access to safe and legal reproductive health care. Abortion isn’t a crime and shouldn’t be treated like one.