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During a pandemic our health care is more important than ever.

But Florida legislators are taking it away - interfering in our personal medical decisions and limiting our access to safe, legal abortion.

The Florida Legislature just passed a bill that will force young people to get a parent’s consent before having an abortion. It is expected to go into effect on July 1st. The vast majority of young people already involve a parent in their decision to have an abortion. When they don’t, it's often because of abuse, neglect, or incest.

The only option for these young people is to navigate a complicated court system to access a judicial bypass. This is harder now because of COVID-19. The Florida Supreme Court has issued orders restricting access to the courts. This public health crisis may now make a difficult situation – accessing timely abortion care – nearly impossible for our most at-risk young people.

We need our elected officials to be held accountable for their votes on this bill. Find out how your Legislators voted on this bill that endangers our already at-risk youth.


These legislators have been some of the most active in passing the Forced Parental Consent bill and other attacks on our reproductive rights.

Anitere Flores

Senate District 39
Miami-Dade county

Ana Maria Rodriguez

House District 105

Chuck Clemons

House District 21
Dixie, Gilchrist and part of Alachua counties

Kimberly Daniels

House District 14

Al Jacquet

House District 88
Part of Palm Beach county

Dennis Baxley

Senate District 12
Sumter county and parts of Lake, Marion counties

Anika Omphroy

House District 95
Part of Broward county

Kelli Stargel

Senate District 22
Parts of Lake, Polk counties

Erin Grall

House District 54
Indian River and part of St. Lucie counties

Bill Galvano

Senate President
District 21
Manatee county and part of Hillsborough county

Gayle Harrell

Senate District 25
Martin, St. Lucie counties and part of Palm Beach county

James Bush III

House District 109
Part of Miami-Dade county

Florida Senate


❌: Voted for the forced parental consent bill that restricts access to abortion
✔️: Voted against the forced parental consent bill to protect access to abortion 

Senator Party - District Vote
Ben Albritton R-26
Dennis Baxley R-12
Aaron Beann R-4
Lizbeth Benaquisto R-27
Lori Berman D-31 ✔️
Lauren Book D-32 ✔️
Randolph Bracy D-11 ✔️
Rob Bradley R-5
Jeff Brandes R-24
Oscar Braynon II D-35 ✔️
Doug Broxson R-1
Janet Cruz D-18 ✔️
Manny Diaz R-36
Gary Farmer Jr D-34 ✔️
Anitere Flores R-39
George Gainer R-2
Bill Galvano R-21
Audrey Gibson D-6 ✔️
Joe Gruters R-23
Gayle Harrell R-25
Ed Hooper R-16
Travis Hutson R-7
Tom Lee R-20
Debbie Mayfield R-17
Bill Montford D-3 ✔️
Kathleen Passidomo R-28
Keith Perry R-8
Jason Pizzo D-38 ✔️
Bobby Powell D-30 ✔️
Kevin Rader D-29 ✔️
Jose Javier Rodriguez D-37 ✔️
Darryl Rouson D-19 ✔️
David Simmons R-9
Wilton Simpson R-10
Kelli Stargel R-22
Linda Stewart D-13 ✔️
Annette Taddeo D-40 ✔️
Perry Thurston D-33 ✔️
Victor Torres D-15 ✔️
Tom Wright R-14

Florida House


❌: Voted for the forced parental consent bill that restricts access to abortion
✔️: Voted against the forced parental consent bill to protect access to abortion  

Representative Party-District Vote
Ramon Alexander D-8 ✔️
Vance Aloupis R-115
Thad Altman R-52
Alex Andrade R-2
Bruce Antone D-46 ✔️
Loranne Ausley D-9 ✔️
Bryan Avila R-111
Melony Bell R-56
Mike Beltran R-57
Chuck Brannan III R-10
Kamia Brown D-45 ✔️
James Buchanan R-74
Coleen Burton R-40
James Bush III D-109
Cord Byrd R-11
Mike Caruso R-89
Joseph Casello D-90 ✔️
Chuck Clemons R-21
John Cortes D ✔️
Travis Cummings R-18
Dan Daley D-97 ✔️
Kimberly Daniels D-14
Tracie Davis D-13 ✔️
Ben Diamond D-68 ✔️
Nick DiCeglie R-66
Byron Donalds R-80 -
Brad Drake R-5
Fentrice Driskell D-63 ✔️
Bobby Dubose D-94 ✔️
Wyman Duggan R-15
Nicholas Duran D-112 ✔️
Dane Eagle R-77
Anna Eskamani D-47 ✔️
Javier Fernandez D-114 ✔️
Juan Fernandez-Barquin R-119
Elizabeth Fetterhoff R-26
Randy Fine R-53
Jason Fischer R-16
Heather Fitzenhagen R-78 ✔️
Joe Geller D-100 ✔️
Joy Goff-Marcil D-30 ✔️
Margaret Good D-72 ✔️
Michael Gottlieb D-98 ✔️
Erin Grall R-54
James Grant R-64
Michael Grant R-75
Tommy Gregory R-73
Michael Grieco D-113 ✔️
Brett Hage R-33
Dianne Hart D-61 ✔️
Adam Hattersly D-59 ✔️
Mike Hill R-1
Delores Hogan Johnson D-84 ✔️
Blause Ingoglia R-35
Al Jacquet D-88
Evan Jenne D-99 ✔️
Shevrin Jones D-101 ✔️
Dotie Joseph D-108 ✔️
Sam Killebrew R-41
Mike La Rosa R-42
Chip LaMarca R-93
Chris Latvala R-67
Tom Leek R-25
MaryLynn Magar R-82
Randy Maggard R-38
Amber Mariano R-36
Ralph Massullo Jr. R-34
Stan McClain R-23
Lawerence McClure R-58
Kionne McGhee D-117 ✔️
Amy Mercado D-48 ✔️
Wengay Newton D-70 ✔️
Jose Oliva R-110
Anika Omphroy D-95
Toby Overdorf R-83
Bobby Payne R-19
Daniel Perez R-116
Cary Pigman D-55
Scott Plakon R-29
Rene Plasencia R-50
Cindy Polo D-103 ✔️
Tina Polsky D-81 ✔️
Mel Ponder R-4
Sharon Pritchett D-102 ✔️
Holly Raschein R-120 ✔️
Paul Renner R-24
Spencer Roach R-79
William Robinson R-71
Ray Rodrigues R-76
Ana Maria Rodriguez R-105
Anthony Rodriguez R-118
Bob Rommel R-106
Rick Roth R-85
Anthony Sabitini R-32
David Santiago R-27
Jason Shoaf R-7
David Silvers D-87 ✔️
Tyler Sirois R-51
Emily Slosberg D-91 ✔️
Carlos Guillermo Smith D-49 ✔️
David Smith R-28
Chris Sprowls R-65
Richard Stark D-104 ✔️
Cyndi Stevenson R-17
Charlie Stone R-22
Jennifer Sullivan R-31
Geraldine Thompson D-44 ✔️
Jackie Toledo R-60
Josie Tomkow R-39
Jay Trumbull R-6
Susan Valdes D-62 ✔️
Barbara Watson D-107 ✔️
Clovis Watson D-20 ✔️
Jennifer Webb D-69 ✔️
Matt Willhite D-86 ✔️
Patricia Williams D-92
Jayer Williamson R-3
Clay Yarborough R-12
Adiran Zika R-37