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An attempt to ban abortion in Florida isn’t an empty threat. Texas has shown us that anti-abortion extremists will ignore the constitution and rely on activist judges to ban abortion.

We’re going to do everything we can to fight this. Tonight, we do that through a series of digital advocacy actions.


Email Legislators:

We've identified a handful of key lawmakers who could make or break an abortion ban passing in our state. They need to hear from you. Take a minute to send them an email telling them to do their jobs: to protect our communities from Covid, support educators, strengthen health care, instead of pushing an unconstitutional abortion ban.


Contact key legislators and tell them to do their job instead of focusing on limiting access to health care.

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Email the Governor:

A spokesperson for the administration recently said, “Gov. DeSantis doesn’t want to turn private citizens against each other.”  What sets Floridians against each other more than extreme legislation restricting the reproductive rights of half the people in the state? 

Help us hold Gov. DeSantis to those words. Demand that he vetoes any abortion ban the legislature sends to his desk! 


Recently, spokesperson Christina Pushaw said the Governor doesn't want to turn private citizens against each other. Demand the Governor hold to the spirit of that message and veto any abortion ban the legislature sends to his desk! 

Send email


Thank our Champions:

There are so many amazing legislators fighting to protect our access to abortion in Florida. Help us thank them!

Reproductive health champions in the State Senate:
Senators Berman, Book, Polsky, Cruz, Ausley, Farmer, Gibson, Jones, Powell, Stewart, Taddeo, Thurston, Torres

Reproductive health champions in the State House:
Reps. Alexander, Arrington, Bartleman, Benjamin, Brown, Davis, Diamond, Driskell, Dubose, Duran, Eskamani, Geller, Goff-Marcil, Hardy, Hart, Hinson, Hunschofsky, Jenne, Joseph, Learned, McCurdy, Rayner, Robinson, Skidmore, Smith, Tant, Thompson, Valdes, Woodson

Thank You, Champs!

Write thank you notes on our Jamboard and we'll share them with the legislators who are defending reproductive rights in Florida.

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Call Your Representatives:

Click here to find your elected representatives

Call your State Representative and Senator - Leave a message:

Dear Representative/Senator [INSERT NAME],

This legislative session is an incredibly important one. Floridians are ready to get back to a better Florida after the grave impact that COVID-19 is having on our communities. It's time to come together and focus on healing our families, supporting our exhausted health care workers and catching our students up in school.

An abortion ban won't do anything to address these challenges facing Floridians right now. Instead, it will harm our families and threaten our health.

I’m asking you to do your job - protect our communities from Covid, support educators, strengthen health care - not pass unconstitutional abortion bans that cause nothing but grief and pain for your constituents. 


Bonus Action:

Urge your members of Congress to support and/or co-sponsor the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) - this is a federal law that will protect access to abortion


Write a Letter to the Editor:

We need LTE’s in local newspapers about the abortion ban proposed in the Florida Legislature!

With COVID-19, we can’t rely on our usual Planned Parenthood tactics like mass mobilization. That's why we NEED storytellers and LTE writers to let people know how harmful these bills are. Writing an LTE isn't any more difficult than writing an email or a post on Facebook.

Open the LTE toolkit and get started!


Social Media Action:

Representative Michele Rayner-Goolsby shared a screen shot of Senate President Wilton Simpson responding to a question about a possible 6-week abortion ban with only a ‘sunglasses’ emoji. This was obviously a wildly flippant and disrespectful response. FAPPA quoted this tweet and is trying to show Sen. Simpson how to use the emoji properly.

Take action on social media to help highlight the Senate President's attitude toward reproductive health access.