Expanding and Protecting Reproductive Rights

Recognizing the tremendous impact laws and policies have on health, Planned Parenthood supports U.S.-based and in-country advocacy to promote women's health around the world. Overseas, our partner organizations use a variety of tactics to raise awareness and support for sound women's health policies among the public and policymakers.

In Trinidad and Tobago, we are supporting a grassroots women's rights group — Advocates for Safe Parenthood: Improving Reproductive Equity (ASPIRE)  — in its efforts to reform this island nation's antiquated abortion laws, which lead to approximately 19,000 unsafe abortions each year. We are making positive headway, which could help pave the way for increased access to abortion services in other countries throughout the region. 

In Kenya, abortion is legally restricted yet widely practiced and often unsafe. Planned Parenthood is assisting an alliance of local medical associations, lawyers, activists, and reproductive health organizations that are working to clarify the country’s abortion law, which does allow for safe abortion in certain circumstances, and change policies related to reproductive health and abortion.

Securing reproductive rights worldwide is facilitated and simplified by a supportive political and social climate in the United States. The Obama administration has already made a positive effect on reproductive health globally by relaxing some restrictions on U.S. funding.  It has, for example, overturned the global gag rule and reintroduced U.S. funding of UNFPA.  Yet there is much more that can be done. Our partners in developing countries are beginning to ask questions about additional ways that the administration can help them help women, and for this reason, Planned Parenthood is committed to continuing to advocate for U.S. policies that promote women's health and safety worldwide.