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(gy·no·ti·cian) n. :

A politician who feels more qualified than you or your doctor to make your personal health care decisions.

When was the last time you asked a politician for medical advice? We’re guessing never — but that hasn’t stopped out-of-touch politicians from trying to interfere in the personal and private medical decisions best left up to a woman and her doctor.

The result? A wave of laws restricting access to abortion have passed in Congress and states across the country. And that’s on top of measures that restrict women’s health care access beyond abortion — measures that make it harder for women to get birth control, cut women off from cancer screenings, or prohibit sex education programs that help prevent teen pregnancy. Meanwhile, actual doctors oppose such laws, which prevent doctors from giving their patients the best health care possible in an individual situation.

Decisions about women’s health should be made by a woman, her faith, and her family in consultation with her doctors. What’s more, in the decades since the Supreme Court ruled that a woman’s constitutional right to privacy includes her right to abortion, the procedure has become, and remains, one of the safest medical procedures in the United States.

Unfortunately, more politicians seem to want to play the role of doctor — acting as “gynoticians.” These politicians are doing their darndest to insert themselves into the exam room. They are the gynoticians.

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