Clinic Defenders

We know that keeping Planned Parenthood health centers in operation — and keeping patients safe — is essential for many women to get the care they need. But our opponents are targeting our health centers with every trick in the book to shut them down, keep them from being built, and threaten patients’ safety and dignity. That’s why we need Clinic Defenders. Will you sign on?

It’s never been more important to stand up and defend our health centers.

Why should you sign on as a clinic defender?

Our opponents have only gotten bolder with recent decisions in the courts and legislatures, like the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to overturn a “buffer zone” law in Massachusetts. That original law had kept protesters 35 feet back from our clinic doors. So what happened after the disastrous decision? Take it from one Massachusetts clinic escort:

“You could just see it in [the protesters’] eyes, they felt bolder, more confrontational, like now nothing was holding them back. And week after week, I am faced with patients who are reduced to tears, just trying to get the care they need.”

—Sarah, Massachusetts clinic escort and Planned Parenthood Clinic Defender

But it doesn’t stop there. Attacks on laws that keep our patients safe — as well as our opponents’ dogged pursuit of restrictions that could close health centers — loom in other states across the nation. They are aggressively targeting our health centers by introducing unreasonable requirements, like TRAP laws (which have nothing to do with women’s safety and everything to do with closing clinics), as well as trying to defund the preventative services offered, and shutdown the construction of new health centers.

And they might already be affecting health centers in your community.

Planned Parenthood is its health centers. Maybe it's where you first went to get birth control. It might once have been yours or a loved one's primary source of basic care — or it might still be today. Even supporters who have never personally received care at a local Planned Parenthood health center but see it as a critical part of their community.

Who is a clinic defender?

Clinic Defenders want to make sure every woman seeking care can access it without fear or intimidation. Clinic Defenders have many motivations and backgrounds. They are:

  • Current patients, who often don’t have another avenue for supporting Planned Parenthood, but who will be the most immediately affected if their health centers are forced to shut down.
  • Former patients who know the importance of Planned Parenthood health centers because they have been there, and who are motivated to fight for next generation of women who are in a similar position today.
  • Anyone who knows that Planned Parenthood health centers are a crucial part of their community, and who wants to keep these centers open and accessible.

Go to to sign up today.

What does a clinic defender do?

Clinic Defenders must be ready for anything. As a Clinic Defender, we will ask you to bring national attention to local fights, empowering local organizers and activists to make a real impact. This means that actions often are about visibility.

When a local health center comes under attack, you could: 

  • Proudly display your support for Planned Parenthood and for women by wearing our Clinic Defender t-shirt, or using a Clinic Defender bumper sticker on your car, while out in your community
  • Shine a spotlight on local decision-makers who otherwise would impose their agenda on your community without major opposition.
  • Speak out for local health centers under threat of being closed or blocked from opening.
  • Volunteer as a health center escort to show your support for patients in the face of our opponents.

When Health Centers come under fire beyond your own community, you could:

  • Change your Facebook profile picture with our Clinic Defender badge along with thousands of other Clinic Defenders to boldly show the vast support for health centers.
  • Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter about attacks on health centers, whether they’re in your backyard or far across the country.
  • Correct anti-choice comments made by people you know and by the media.
  • Identify yourself as one of the one in four women (or men!) who have been to a Planned Parenthood in your lifetime.

When you sign on as a Clinic Defender, you join a cadre of thousands who stand ready for the signal from Planned Parenthood to mobilize — whether that is online or in person.