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Congressional Recess Tactic:

Sample Birddogging and Town Hall Questions

Congressional recess is a time for you to hold your elected officials accountable for their positions — in person. Consider asking them one or more of the following questions on reproductive rights.

Questions on Abortion:

  • Do you oppose abortion even in instances where the life of the pregnant person is at risk?
  • Do you support preventing pregnant people from receiving life-saving medical care?
  • Do you support throwing doctors and nurses in jail for helping to perform an abortion? 
  • Do you think people should be punished if they help someone get an abortion?
  • How would you punish someone who gets an illegal abortion? 
  • Do you believe in forcing someone to carry a pregnancy? 
  • Do you think pregnant people who suffer a miscarriage should be investigated for possible self-managed abortion?
  • Do you believe pregnant people should be criminally prosecuted for self-managed abortions?
  • Would you support a nationwide ban on abortion?

Questions on Birth Control:

  • Do you think Plan B/the morning after pill should be banned?
  • What do you think about calls from some lawmakers to overturn the Supreme Court case that legalized birth control in 1965?
  • Justice Thomas indicated that this decision calls into question the rights to contraception, marriage equality, and privacy in the bedroom — will you oppose efforts to infringe on those rights?
  • IF you believe life begins at conception, would you ban certain forms of birth control like IUDs? What about in vitro fertilization?

For More Information:

See sample questions for birdogging at officials' town halls and other public appearances.

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