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Managing Outvote in 3 Easy Steps

What you need to know to organize your community for change

Outvote is Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s exciting new app to help you build people power and organize for reproductive health care for all. Downloading the Outvote app is step one. Mastering it is the next step to building power and organizing your community for change! 

Don’t have the app yet? Then do that now — and then read on for the lowdown about what to do to become a digital organizing master: ↓

Install Outvote for Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Follow the steps to get started at organizing your community. 

Install Now

1. Check “The Front Line” Regularly

The Front Line is your Home Feed, and will have updates on the latest actions and news. Once you get there by selecting the “home” icon on the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the latest actions and stay up to date on how we’re going to win in 2020. We’ll send you a push notification when we send out a new action, so make sure to turn on your push notifications and check this section at least once a week so you don’t miss a beat!

2. Use the “Messaging” Section to Talk to Us Directly 

If anything looks confusing or if you want to share your thoughts on the app experience, you can message us and a real person (yes! a real person!) will see your message and respond. You can open your inbox by selecting the speech bubble at the bottom of the screen.

Anyone with a red “Outvote Admin” tag is someone you can message at any time. Our team at Planned Parenthood is working regularly to make this tool work for all of us, and we’ll be watching for your messages to make sure that happens.

3. Get the TEA on Your Contacts‘ Voting History

This is the fun part. Go back to the Front Line section and press start on the first action: “Ask 3 friends to check if they’re ready to vote!” You’ll see your contacts, and next to each name you’ll see some emojis. Here’s a breakdown of what the emojis mean … →

  • None


  • None


  • None

    Contact in a Swing District

  • None

    Super Voter

  • None

    Frequent Voter

  • None

    Infrequent Voter

Based on this information, you can select which friends you’d like to message! All the information you see about your contacts is public information from the public voter file, synced to the app. 

This information lets you be strategic when reaching out to your contacts! For example, you might:

  • Filter by ‘Infrequent Voter’ or ‘Unmatched’ to message the people most likely to be unregistered to register to vote. 

  • Filter by ‘Super Voter’ to recruit those folks to download Outvote and volunteer! (Remember to use your judgement; you know who might be best positioned to volunteer!)

Those are three quick things you can do to become an Outvote expert and organize your community for sexual and reproductive health and rights. Taking action through this app will bring us closer to having the grassroots power we need to win on Election Day 2020. If we all work together, we can protect our rights and stand up for our communities this year and beyond.